Media praise for PHP Cookbook

"In my experience as a web developer, there have been many times when I would have a task to preform but wasn’t exactly sure how best to handle it … a book like this allows you to flip around and find what you need...If you are a PHP programmer, I know this is a book you probably should have sitting on your desk."
-- Stefan Mischook,

"PHP Cookbook is a programmer's book written by programmers. It's a no nonsense book that belongs at the fingertips of most PHP programmers for those, 'how do I do that?' moments. While the book could be a good workbook for learning PHP, I don't know that I would recommend that to completely new programmers. But for veterans of other languages, this book may well be the stepping stone to functional PHP skills in a very short time frame."
-- Taran Rampersad,

"PHP is among the most popular Web scripting language available today. It is estimated that it is used on more than twenty million sites, providing interactivity via its capability to converse with several different database applications. The authors provide more than 250 PHP recipes covering a wide variety of topics that are of interest to PHP programmers. This handy reference will likely save programmers hours of work since the recipes can often be used with little modification."
-- Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing

"PHP Cookbook covers all angels, from processing XML and obtaining solutions to common applicaitons problems to working with JavaScript interactions. Any professsional PHP user needs this."
-- Diane Donovan, California Bookwatch

"Everyone regardless of skill level will feel they hit the jackpot with this book because it has tons of sample code and examples that explain how to do just about anything imaginable in PHP...I find all O'Reilly's cookbooks to be extremely useful and PHP Cookbook is ceartainly the most useful PHP book I own."
-- Steven Osborn, Tulsa PHP Users Group

"Another stellar resource from O'Reilly, PHP Cookbook makes quick work of providing simple "recipies" of PHP that range from beginner to advanced. It's an excellent reference to help you quickly find how to do a multitude of things in PHP. "
-- Glen Stansberry, NETTUTS

"If you are a PHP programmer, I know this is a book you probably should have sitting on your desk."
--Stefan Mischook,