Media praise for Web Site Cookbook

"...a superb primer and a must-have reference for anyone having anything to do with building, launching or maintaining a web site. Doug Addison's wisdom is dead-on with practical, real-world experience, particularly in the early chapters. For the early chapters alone, I recommend this book to web site owners, so they have a better understanding and appreciation of the skilled and detailed work their designers, developers and webmasters do for them. With clear, concise writing, Doug wastes no space or words, and his Web Site Cookbook is an essential reference tool. Readers will undoubtedly find dozens of tips and tricks they can put to use immediately, just as I did."
-- Mike Swope, MacCompanion

"Doug Addison has brought together a large number of useful techniques. His organization of these techniques is logical. His explanations and examples are clear and easy to put into practice. This book will be valuable for someone who has some experience with the hands-on control of one web site. For those who manage more than one site this will be a valuable addition to their existing library."
-- Robert Boardman, Kickstart News

"Doug never strays from the original intent of the book: building Web sites that people will visit, bookmark, and revisit. As I read the many recipes included in the book (there are 89 of them), I wanted to try all of them as soon as I could. I like techniques that are simple, easy to implement, and beneficial. Doug has got it down to a science...Check out Doug's cookbook. While it may not get him his own show on the Food Network, it will help you prepare a full course Web site guaranteed to please any appetite."
-- Lee Underwood, WebReference

"...a very interesting mix of a lot of things that have, unfortunately, become regarded as separate things--website marketing, website development, amongst other things. The books should be valuable to people who understand the technical basics of HTML or someone who wants a better idea of what their website can do, could do and perhaps even should do."
-- Taran Rampersad,

"If you want to build a site, this will show you all the steps which lie ahead in order to develop something that will be taken seriously. And if you already have a site, it offers suggestions for improvement which will keep you busy for months to come."
-- Roy Johnson, MANTEX Information Design

"When you run a web site, there's always "one more thing" you have to take care of. Web Site Cookbook by Doug Addison can help you figure out what some of those things are, as well as how to fix them."
--Thomas "Duffbert" Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings, March 2006

"An ideal mentor, Doug's presentation is direct, worldly and practical."
--Mike Swope, MacCompanion