Media praise for BlackBerry Hacks

"Blackberry Hacks doesn't stray from the standard "Hacks" formula, so it can be skimmed easily in an afternoon or so, but the projects will keep you busy for a long while, and you'll also have problems holding onto this book due to the people who will be trying to borrow it. This one is a great resource for jump starting your Blackberry usage and getting all you can from the gadget."
-- David O'Meara, JavaRanch

"...for Blackberry communication device users who want to do more with its built-in applications. From monitoring the Blackberry Enterprise Server and creating web sites just for Blackberry users to working with office documents and sending faxes, Blackberry Hacks covers all possible uses."
-- James Cox, California Bookwatch

"This book is a great tips and techniques book...If you want to learn how to get the most out of your tiny powerhouse in a cookbook fashion then this is a great book."
-- Joe Dolittle, Outlook Power Magazine