Media praise for Unicode Explained

"Jukka Korpela's Unicode Explained makes Unicode comprehensible. I've been working occasionally with Unicode for almost a decade, but I find I understand parts of it much better now that I've read his book. Unicode Explained isn't unique in its values; several introductions to Unicode have been assembled by passionate, deeply informed authors who handle the topic's difficulties fairly and with insight. Among these, Unicode Explained deserves attention as the most recent and the one that exhibits the most scholarly refinements. My recommendation, then, if you work at all outside the ASCII table or standard Latin alphabet, is to keep a copy of Unicode Explained at your desk. "
-- Cameron Laird, Unix Review

"If you have anything to do with programming or designing global software, this book purchase is a no-brainer. And even if you're not doing anything in that area right now, this is one of those reference titles that is worth having on your bookshelf and available for the first time you *do* need it. It won't take long to pay for itself."
-- Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings

"...this book is great for anyone who wants to know the details of Unicode. By reading Unicode Explained you can dig to various levels of knowledge: some of them are so deep that knowing them is just a matter of personal satisfaction, but most of them represent an essential knowledge for the programmer who does not want to lag behind."
-- Michele Beltrame, var/log/arthas

"Overall, this book is well-organized and quite readable, with lots of relevant illustrations. Important material is repeated and summarized for greater clarity. The author also used lots of examples from Windows programs that are familiar to many of us. This is a real plus."
-- Brett Merkey, reader review

"While Unicode is intrinsically complex in many respects, Jukka has succeeded in paring the complexity down to the bare minimum. I am not sure it is possible to explain Unicode any better than Jukka has done here...If you are the new breed of person who is not ashamed to be interested in writing, typography, reading, or computers, Unicode Explained puts them all in one book."
-- Joe Clark, Fawny

"Unicode Explained is a primary source of information that is essential to an understanding of the "standard." The book puts the specification into the context of real-world application. It throws its net of coverage wide and includes discussionss of the structure of Unicode, character properties, the various encounters, Internet issues, and Unicode characters in programming. Not a book of solutions per se, but a resource essential to finding solutions. Recommended as a library acquisition."
-- Major Keary, Book News

"...essential knowledge for the programmer who does not want to lag behind."
--Michele Beltrame, var/log/arthas