Media praise for Statistics Hacks

"Most of the O'Reilly books in the Hacks Series are about computer programs and systems. But there are others like Statistics Hacks by Bruce Frey that are as much fun as they are clever...When should a coach go for the two-point conversion after a touchdown? How can you use matchboxes and the laws of probability to build a Tic-Tac-Toe machine that learns how to never lose? How not to misread coincidences? It's all in the book in short chapters that have a much lower probability to induce narcolepsy than the standard statistics text."
-- End Note, Strategic Finance

"This book of 75 statistics hacks brings to life many of the fascinating and useful ways that statistics can be used in everyday situations. The hacks are not only practical but some are actually fun. Readers will find that their knowledge of probability and event prediction will likely be enhanced."
-- Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing

"If you're looking for an easy read, forget it, but if you're prepared to settle down for a cosy Sunday afternoon, make notes, and let your mind wonder into potential mental magic applications and more, this is for you. The 'Hacks' series of books is a goldmine of clever stuff, and this is no exception. "
-- Tomo,

"Statistics Hacks is not an easy book to read. As I mentioned, if you've got an aversion to math you might want to skip this one. But statistics aren't that hard to understand, and there is a lot of valuable (and potentially profitable) information in this book. Frey set out to make the concepts behind statistical analysis accessible to the average reader, and for the most part I think he has succeeded. I'll let you know more after I win the lottery (Hack #41)."
-- Warren Kelly,

"After reading the book (and doing more than that, I played with the ideas in it quite a bit), I can say that somehow Mr. Frey took some very drab material (at least as I was taught it!) and made it interesting through practical applications...I'd say that this is a practical book for anyone from statistics students to would-be gamblers to people who mentally do their shopping lists while charts are brought out at meetings. This is a great book, and it gets a KnowProSE 9 out of 10. At less than $20, the odds are good you'll find this book at the least entertaining - and if you read it, the world just might make more sense."
-- Taran Rampersad,

"Frey’s Statistics Hacks is no substitute for the calculus of probability and Fisher’s Foundation of Statistics, but very few users of statistical techniques get to the point of reading Fisher. I won’t say Frey is the next best thing, but it’s pretty good. Recommended."
-- Jerry Pournelle, Chaos Manor In Perspective

"Bruce Frey teaches statistics at the University of Kansas and doesn't play the lottery. Why not? "I don't play the lottery because, as a statistician, I know that playing only slightly increases my chances of winning." His book Stastics Hacks is full of such nuggets. It's wonderful. Without O'Reilly, the world would be a far less fun place."
-- Fergus, Two Newtons

"This is a really fun book to read and is based on solid statistical methodologies. This book is an absolute must if you need to understand the basics of statistical techniques, methologies, and theory. If more students used this book as their introductory statistics text, we’d likely have a lot more statisticians."
-- Mike George,

"Very few things create the visualization of dozens of students sleeping in class like mentioning the subject of statistics. But, statistics can be interesting, fun, and useful as Bruce Frey demonstrates in this very approachable introduction to the subject. "
-- Harold McFarland, The Midwest Book Review

"It's all in the book in short chapters that have a much lower probability to induce narcolepsy than the standard statistics text."
--End Note, Strategic Finance