Media praise for Ajax Hacks

"Ajax is about bringing flexibility and responsiveness to websites. Ajax Hacks is a great, hands-on, introduction to what Ajax can do; for those who want to learn Ajax, the book is an excellent tutorial."
-- Major Keary, Book News

"I found many of the hacks very interesting and very applicable to what I need to do in my day-to-day work. The author is very clear in his examples and engaging in his writing. This is a very interesting book to read and is an excellent introduction to ajax. I would highly recommend it to web developers interested in learning more about this exciting technology."
-- Mike George,

"AJAX 'hacks' are concise code samples that can be used as 'components' (if you will,) that you can plug into your own work. Besides the usefulness of having a reusable collection like this, you can learn a lot from the 'hacks,' since each one is coupled with a good discussion. "
-- Stefan Mischook,

"Amid the flurry of rushed-to-print Ajax books released this past spring was O'Reilly's Ajax Hacks. While some of the initial clutch of Ajax books have been disappointing, Ajax Hacks competently accomplishes its mission, which is to show you how to implement Ajax in useful ways...I found this book very helpful."
-- Anonymous Reader, NewsForge

" get a variety of hacks and code that show you how to do a number of things, such as populating dropdown lists, building mash-ups, and even how to do a drag-and-drop interface without round-tripping to the server with each action. This is one of those books that you probably won't buy with a particular need in mind, but after reading through the material you'll have some ideas that you want to explore further."
-- Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings

"Ajax Hacks continues the tradition of excellent "lead by example" books from O'Reilly. It provides a clear guide to what can be accomplished with Ajax, as well as opening up the possibilities for developers to play around on their own. The best thing about these books in general is that they are very accessible and have something for all levels of developer. Whether you are well-versed in using Ajax or are new to it, you should find something useful in this book."
-- Gabriel Guzman,

"There is a lot of learning to do with AJAX, not only the basics but also the best way to use it to make better Internet applications...This book has both the basics and the strategies."
-- Edward Tanguay, Edward Tanguay's Web Developer Site

"...a good place to dip-in for ideas, examples and code that can be lifted and re-worked for your own projects."
-- Pan Pantziarka, The Register

"In all, as a geek, this book brought back to me the joy of the original Compute! and the Byte magazines of the 1980s...As far as web development books go, there are some that you read and give away--and there are those that you keep, and put a GPS tracker on so you can find it under the old pizza boxes when you need it. This book is the latter. It's one of the few books that is sitting next to the monitor on the desk, within reach. A true web developer knows what that means."
--Taran Rampersad,, April 2006

"...a great, hands-on, introduction to what Ajax can do; for those who want to learn Ajax, the book is an excellent tutorial."
--Major Keary, Book News