Media praise for Don't Get Burned on eBay

"A very smartly written guide to the dark side of buying on eBay. Readers are informed on a wide variety of scams and devious practices that can cost them dearly. This is a very instructive and interesting book for anyone who buys on eBay."
-- Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing

"Wright, whose career on eBay dates all the way back to 1997, gives hundreds of tips on bidding, payment, packaging, shipping, evil eBayers and scammers. She uncovers the truth about PayPal, money orders and cashiers' checks, describes the pitfalls of potentially embarrassing packaging, gives the pros and cons of the major shippers and details insurance issues, and offers clues you can use in sniffing out fakes. She is particularly careful in giving a full range of advice on the activities of scammers and how to prevent them from turning your successful enterprise into yet another contribution to the Nigerian economy."
-- Shannon Hendrickson, Book News Inc.

"The book uses friendly and approachable prose, appropriate to the subject matter. It's very common-sensical, and it's hard for the technically savvy reader to believe that there really are people who need some of the advice - but it's clear that there are people being burned by these issues, and actually, when there's an awful lot of common sense needed, even the most pragmatic of us can miss things."
-- Durham Students' Union, Compsoc