Media praise for SUSE Linux

"There are few books out there that have such well presented and distilled information when it comes to SUSE Linux; this is an excellent starter book for the SUSE Linux curious and even the Linux experimenters - and an excellent base reference book for intermediate users who want to try different things...Congratulations to the author for distilling this so well; Suse Linux is a gem."
-- Taran Rampersad,

"Exceptionally well presented for its technical detail, typographic design, the way in which information is orgranised, and comprehensive coverage. Anyone with a serious interest in SUSE on a desktop machine or a laptop should have this title as a primary resource."
-- Major Keary, Book News

"Chris Brown has written a handy guide to SUSE that focuses on the 10.0 and 10.1 releases that should be a help to new and experienced users alike. Mr. Brown comes from a training background, so he takes little for granted in walking you through an install. He then moves on to answer a lot of those questions that you'd have to spend hours searching for if they weren't here."
-- John Bollinger, The Capital Growth Letter

"Let’s face it, we Linux newbies want to try Suse, but are too afraid to let go of Windows or Mac OS X. But that’s okay, this book makes it easy as pie to run both Linux and your other OS. So, what are you waiting for? Jump in, the water’s fine!"
-- Raoul Pop, Come Across

"Have you been itching to try Suse Linux but didn't know how to get started? Okay, I confess - I know I have. I tried installing Suse once several months ago, then chickened out of using it. Not sure why, but Suse looks a little more intimidating than Ubuntu, and it isn't. That's why Chris Brown's book is great, because it shows how easy it is to get going and up to speed with Suse."
-- Raoul Pop,

"Think of SUSE Linux as a classroom with paperback covers. By the time you're finished with this book, you should be able to do nearly any system administration task in SUSE Linux 10 or 10.1."
-- Jem Matzan, The Jem Report

"SUSE Linux provides enough hands-on guidance to not only get started with SUSE but even configure your desktop to own your satisfaction, plus locate download and initialize any needed applications. And those applications are by-and-large free!"
-- Bill Allen, Orange Bytes (North Orange County Computer Club)

"This book is an excellent choice for any Linux "newbie" no matter what distribution, but it provides excellent specific coverage of Novell's openSUSE distribution. Chris Brown's writing style is an almost perfect blend of humor and down-to-business, real world information. Aimed primarilly at Windows users, SUSE LINUX eases the transition and will get you quickly up to speed with most common PC tasks, from installation and configuration to printing, wired and wireless networking, email, audio and video tasks, graphic manipulation, and customizing your environment. "
-- Dave Klein, Capital Java User Group

"Anyone with a serious interest in SUSE on a desktop machine or a laptop should have this title as a primary resource."
--Major Keary, Book News