Media praise for JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

"Flanagan writes well and communicates clearly. He describes enough of the history of JavaScript and browsers to help readers understand the issues involved in using various parts of the language. He assumes readers have only a little knowledge of programming, so it is possible to learn from this book without knowing another programming language...All in all, the book is quite an achievement. This volume will be well used in my library, at least until the next edition comes out. Highly recommended."
-- Robert Boardman, Kickstart News

"This book truly is the grand daddy of them all! The depth of Javascript resources is immense. I cannot even begin to think of the number of times this book has saved my bacon when working on a particularly sticky issue...Highly recommended!"
-- Donald Bickel,

"This is all well presented, with pertinent example code. If you want to start using Javascript or need to ramp up your usage, this is the book to have."
-- Tony Lawrence, A.P.

"If there is an essential JavaScript book for developers, this would have to be it...When you see a good thing, you can't help but want more of it."
-- Yow-Hann Lee, Yow-Hann's Book Reviews

"...if you're a new developer trying to get a grasp on serious JavaScript or otherwise looking for a quality JavaScript book, you can't go wrong with this book."
-- Eric Wuehler,

"This is the 5th edition of this almost thousand page book (992), and has been pretty much the gold standard for JavaScript reference books. I have the 4th edition that came out a few years ago and it was worth upgrading to this new 5th edition...If you do any real JavaScript programming or development (or will be doing some in the future), this definitely has to be in your bookshelf. "
-- Frank Stepanski,

"I have a different JavaScript reference manual at work, but it's never been one that I've relished having to use. This volume is slated to take over that shelf space next week... Great job."
-- Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings

"JavaScript The Definitive Guide 5th edition upholds its predecessors' status as the only JavaScript reference you need to tackle the nuisances of JavaScript day in and day out."
-- George,

"If you only want to buy one book on Javascript then this is the one to get."
-- Stephen Chapman,

"...completely revised and expanded to cover the Web 2.0 applications, yet retains the same attention to real-life problem solving which made the preceding editions so popular...An outstanding reference."
-- Diane Donovan, California Bookwatch

"In order to fit all the material in even as large a book as this, the reference entries are terse. For programmers--the principal audience--who know JavaScript, but who need a reference, that terseness is an advantage: information is specific, easy to find, and is not burdened with superfluous verbiage. In the explanatory sections the language is clear and the style is concise, but eminently readable. "
-- Major Keary, Book Notes

"JavaScript, The Definitive Guide is a classic—a dog-eared, highlighted pillar of every Web development library."
-- Will Wagers, CSharp-Online.NET

"Two books live on my desk when I'm working on Web pages with client-side scripting: David Flanagan's JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 5th Edition and Danny Goodman's Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference, 3rd Edition. They're both huge books, and their content overlaps substantially, but they both keep earning their spots. I reach for Flanagan if the question in my mind is primarily about some aspect of JavaScript, and for Goodman if the question is primarily about some aspect of HTML, XHTML, CSS or the Document Object Model...It's the reference sections of the two books that I return to over and over. "
-- Martin Heller, Strategic Developer, InfoWorld

"David Flanagan has written 4 editions of this extremely popular guide to Javascript. It's a massive 1,018 pages and covers virtually every topic in the realm of javascripting. It's an essential javascript resource."
-- Glen Stansberry, NETTUTS

"JavaScript: The Definitive Guide by David Flanagan is probably the best reference possible for this extremely useful, but complex language. I came to this book with absolutely no knowledge of Javascript, and so this book was my first real taste of the language. "
-- Andrei Mouravski, Computer Science House

"This is a must-have book for anyone interested in dynamic web site programming."
-- Bob Grant, webmaster MPCUG, Manatee Computer News, October 2009, Volume 23, Issue 9

"...the book is quite an achievement. This volume will be well used in my library, at least until the next edition comes out. Highly recommended."
--Robert Boardman, Kickstart News