Media praise for Head Rush Ajax

"When arriving home after a 10-hour day at the office programming, who has the energy to plow through yet another new facet of emerging technology? If a developer is going to invest free time in self-driven career development, should it not be at least remotely enjoyable? Judging from the content of O'Reilly's new release Head Rush Ajax, the answer is yes…Head Rush Ajax is a most enjoyable launchpad into the world of Ajax web applications, well worth the investment in time and money."
-- Barry Hawkins,

"If you thought Ajax was rocket science, this book is for you. Head Rush Ajax puts dynamic, compelling experiences within reach for every web developer."
-- Jesse James Garrett, Adaptive Path

"If you are aiming to lay the foundation for your Ajax knowledge and possibly even implementing your own framework, then this is an invaluable read. I give this title full marks for serving its purpose as a Head First book."
-- Yow-Hann Lee, Tech Look

"By starting with simple concepts and examples, the book gently takes the reader from humble beginnings to (by the end of the book) where the reader should be comfortable creating AJAX based websites...Probably the best web designer centric book on AJAX."
-- Stefan Mischook,

"The [Head First] series is unique in technical publishing - the books are irreverent, funny, engaging and technically accurate. The question is, does it work for a book on Ajax? Surely a book on JavaScript and the DOM can't be fun?..In all 'Head Rush Ajax' really does cover all of the core Ajax material. The examples are useful, and the Head First (or should that be Head Rush?) approach of mixing cartoons, humour, quizzes and other mind-grabbing exercises does work well. Other, more staid, introductions to Ajax may have greater depth on the technical side, but this one works well for true beginners and those who just can't get on with a traditional technical tutorial."
-- Pan Pantziarka,

"Using the irreverent style common of the Head Start/Head Rush series of books, this book starts at the beginning and introduces you to all you need to know to be able to write the Javascript that will both send requests to the server and update the page with the results when they are returned...One of the best things about this book (apart form the excellent explanations of how the code works) is that it also looks at security issues...If you learn Ajax from this book you are unlikely to forget much of what you learn."
-- Stephen Chapman,

"Head Rush Ajax is a great beginning course that covers a few fundamental JavaScript programming concepts. A beginning web developer will benefit from its slow, repetitive style that mixes graphics, conversational text, handwritten notes and homework-like exercises."
-- Eric Walstad, BayPIGgies

"In all, I enjoyed and learned from the 407 pages and the simple, straightforward code examples. I really did. And more importantly, I see where I can use it and what I can use it for. The hidden benefit that I have already found is that because of the images and so forth, it's easy for me to find a reference I have looked for. This isn't a book. This is a companion. If you want to learn AJAX, Head Rush Ajax is where you start."
--Taran Rampersad,, April 2006

"The Head First Labs crew has done it again in this excellent into to Ajax. The book really gives a great overview of Ajax for both programmers and non-programmers alike. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to pick this up...I highly recommend this book to anyone with little to no understanding of Ajax. Let's pretty up the web, people!"
--M. Thompson, Review, April 2006

"A 'technology-meets-reality' book for web pioneers on the cutting edge."
--Valentin Crettaz, CTO, Condris Technologies

"Head Rush Ajax is the book if you want to cut through all the hype and learn how to make your web apps sparkled…your users will love you for it!"
--Kristin Stromberg, Aguirre International

"This stuff is brain candy; I can't get enough of it."
--Pauline McNamara, Center for New Technologies and Education, Fribourg University, Switzerland

"If you know some HTML, a dollop of CSS, a little JavaScript, and a bit of PHP, but your mystified about what all the Ajax hype is about, this book is for you…You'll have a blast learning Ajax with Head Rush Ajax. By the time you've reached the end of the book, all those web technologies that didn't quite fit together in your head will all snap in to place and you'll have The Ajax Power! You'll know the secrets behind some of the most popular web applications on the Internet. You'll impress your friends and co-workers with you knowledge of how those interactive maps and web forms really work."
--Elisabeth Freeman, Director, Technology, The Walt Disney Internet Group
Coauthor of Head First Design Patterns and Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML

"If you thought Ajax was rocket science, this book is for you. Head Rush Ajax puts dynamic, compelling experiences within reach for every web developer."
--Jesse James Garrett, Adaptive Path