Media praise for Head First PMP

"Head First PMP is by far the best PMP Exam Preparation book of all I have reviewed in depth. It is the very best basic education and training book that I have read."
-- Dennis Bolles, PMP, Project Manager for the PMBOK Guide 3rd ed. Leadership Team, DLB Associates, LLC and co-author of The Power of Enterprise-Wide Project Management

"For those of us, who find the PMBOK bo-o-o-oring, Head First PMP's approach is the *only* way to learn. Let's admit, that the topics covered by the exam, while are very important, are not very exciting. To learn them well, it is important to dig deeper into the reasons for the best practices. Following the style of the "Head First" series, the authors of this book took the subject of the PM science and turned it into a fun-to-read and easier-to-learn-and-internalize collection of graphics, questions, answers, mental games and scenarios, stories. They deconstructed the topics to their essence and then reconstructed them in a way that makes sense to everyone who is willing to focus and think. The book is very engaging and, in my opinion, is a must to read, at least to make sure that you understand all the answers. "
-- Alex Finogenov,

"Head First PMP offers an engaging, lively review of PMP principles for any who would prepare for the certification exam using a unique method which helps reinforce the larger concept of project management both for the exam and on the job. It packs in visual approaches which reinforce the written word, using flow charts, black and white drawings and cartoons, and pictures to emphasize basic concepts. Other books are dry and make learning a challenge, but Head First PMP is one of the few on the topic to create a lively, even fun survey learners will appreciate."
-- James Cox, The Bookwatch

"If you have any inkling about going into Project Management as a profession (PMPing and not Pimping), I highly recommend taking this path using this book to help master the process."
-- Robert Pritchett, MacCompanion

"O'Reilly published one of the most intriguing books in their interesting series "Head First", called Head First PMP by Andrew Stellman, Jennifer Greene. This book is primarily targeting every PM professional that wants to pass PMP exam, but in the way that he wants to understand the subject matter not just to prepare for the exam. Book is easy to read (and you will be motivated to do it properly if you start with almost 20 pages of manual how to use and read the book, which I highly recommend) and it is very interactive which keeps reader awake and in state of thinking, rather than passive reading. I highly recommend this book to every PM professional as well as to those people that are stepping into PM era (no matter if there are PM's or they are part of the team)!"
-- Tom Bronzin,

"Head First PMP by Jennifer Greene and Andrew Stellman offers complete coverage of the PMBOK Guide principles in a way that's engaging, not tedious...The book helps readers prepare for the PMP certification exam with a unique method that goes beyond answers to specific questions, leading them to think about the big picture of project management. By putting project management concepts into context, readers can understand, remember, and apply them — not just on the exam, but also on the job."
-- Aaron Smith, Projects@Work

"I just passed my PMP exam yesterday and wanted to personally thank you for writing such a great book. I loved the style, humor and approach - you really made the PMBOK memorable. As an author myself, I'm aware that the best thing I can do is to share my positive experience with others - and have done so in a very favorable Amazon review. Thanks again for your work and for helping me get through a difficult exam with flying colors."
-- Thomas Eck, PMP

"Being able to look up what the exam covers is useful information for me, and the book is perfectly adequate for that...I read Head First PMP in its entirity, and I did the majority of the exercises. I'm pretty certain that if I read it again and did all the exercises, I'd pass the exam. I also learned some useful stuff about project management, as well as about the PMP exam. I'd recommend Head First PMP to people who're interested in the PMP exam."
-- Elizabeth Zwicky, ;LOGIN:

"This guide helps readers prepare for the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam not through practice questions but through visually instructive illustrated outlines and diagrams, conversational and humorous text, and unconventional activities (i.e. crossword puzzles) which, assert the authors, are not voluntary."
-- Shannon Hendrickson, Reference & Research Book News

"Even experienced project managers are likely to learn a thing or two from Head First PMP that can be applied on the job immediately. In fact, I personally have restructured my project management plan to more closely follow the PMBOK recommendations (now that I really understand them)....because I read Head First PMP, I feel I’ll be able to better absorb the content in the dull, dry books I’m likely to pick up before taking the exam itself."
-- Amanda Johnson, realeyes media

"I found Head First PMP to be an outstanding resource for teaching project management in a software development environment. Anyone who works in any level of that industry should read this book."
-- Jem Matzan, The Jem Report: Your source for technology news

"As with any good teacher, this O’Reilly series attacks the material from a variety of angles. If you know it, or you’re a quick learner, you can breeze right through. If you’re like me, they try everything possible to make things comprehensible."
-- Dana Blankenhorn, Dana Blankenhorn & Paula Rooney,

"I would recommend reading this book if you interest in PMP or prepare for the PMP certification exam, it is one of the most interesting books that you can have in this track."
-- Rafiq Elmansy, Graphic Mania

"I have been doing project management for over 30 years and am considered a subject matter expert in the PMBOK(r) Guide –Third Edition primarily because I am the Project Manager who led the team that developed this edition. As a consultant I was hired to review and evaluate eight of the top selling PMP Exam Preparation books for their accuracy in following the PMBOK® Guide – Third Edition. I have developed and taught a PMP Exam Prep course for a leading R.E.P., and taught PMP Exam preparation classes for PMI Chapters. I can honestly say that Head First PMP is by far the best PMP Exam Preparation book of all I have reviewed in depth. It is the very best basic education and training book that I have read that presents the processes for managing a project, which makes it a great resource for a basic project management class for beginners as well as a tool for practitioners who want to pass the PMP exam. The graphical story format is unique, as project management books go, which makes it both fun and easy to read while driving home the basics that are necessary for preparing someone is just getting started and those who want to take the exam."
--Dennis Bolles, PMP DLB Associates, LLC and co-author of The Power of Enterprise-Wide Project Management

"This looks like too much fun to be a PMP study guide! Behind the quirky humor and nutty graphics lies an excellent explanation of the project management processes. Not only will this book make it easier to pass the exam, you'll learn a lot of good stuff to use on the job too."
--Carol Steuer, PMP and PMBOK(r) Guide, 3rd Edition Leadership Team

"This is the best thing to happen to PMP since, well, ever. You'll laugh,
learn, pass the exam, and become a better project manager all at the same
-- Scott Berkun, author of The Art of Project Management and The Myths of

“Original, fresh, and fun... this is truly the perfect study companion for anyone aiming for PMP certification”
--Teresa Simmermacher, PMP and Project Manager at Avanade

"I love this format! Head First PMP covers everything you need to know to pass your PMP exam. The sound-bite format combined with the whimsical images turns a dry subject into entertainment. The organization starts with the basics then drills into the details. The in-depth coverage of complex topics like Earned Value and Quality Control are presented in an easy to understand format with descriptions, pictures, and examples. This book will not only help you pass the PMP, it should be used as an daily reference for practicing project managers. I sure wish I had this when I was studying for the exam."
--Mike Jenkins, PMP, MBA

"I think that under the fonts and formalized goofiness, the book has a good heart (intending to cover basic principles in an honest way rather than just to pass the test). Head First PMP attempts to educate potential project managers instead of being a mere "how to pass the PMP exam" book filled with test taking tips. This is truly something which sets it apart from the other PMP certification exam books."
--Jack Dahlgren, Project Management Consultant

"Head First PMP is a great tool to help make sense of the Project Management Body of Knowledge for the everyday Project Manager."
--Mark Poinelli, PMP

"Head First PMP is by far the best PMP Exam Preparation book of all I have reviewed in depth. It is the very best basic education and training book that I have read."
--Dennis Bolles, PMP, Project Manager for the PMBOK Guide 3rd ed. Leadership Team, DLB Associates, LLC and co-author of The Power of Enterprise-Wide Project Management