Media praise for Flash 8 Cookbook

"I really like the Table of Contents of this book. It is very detailed, allowing you to look at every chapter and see exactly what is contained in that chapter. It makes for easier navigation of the book."
-- Victoria Maciulski, Conejo Ventura Mac Users Group

"Learning to work with Flash can be daunting to n ew users, and good reference material is an important asset in the learning process. The Flash 8 Cookbook by Joey Lott will fulfill the needs of new users and continue to be useful once they get into more advanced topics."
-- Darius Daftary, Flash Coders New York User Group

"Flash 8 Cookbook addresses in detail many aspects of the Flash IDE which are sometimes underused or misunderstood. The book contains some interesting introductory discussions about 3D, mobile applications, and other topics not commonly associated with mainstream Flash development. This book, a mix between an appetizer and a first course, is best served with meaty texts like Essential Actionscript 2.0 and Flash 8 Hacks."
-- Sam Wilson, Digital Media Artists Group