Media praise for Mac OS X Snow Leopard: The Missing Manual

"This book IS comprehensive and there were a number of sections that I decided to skip...I plan to keep reading and experimenting until I have mastered most of the information in this book. "
-- Susan Fison, AAUG Reviews

"When you upgrade to Snow Leopard, be sure to get the O'Reilly Missing Manual book Mac OS X Snow Leopard by David Pogue. This book is also necessary for anyone just getting started with a Mac, either as a new computer user or as a convert from Windows. It's huge, but it's very worthwhile both as a handbook and as a guidebook for learning the Mac philosophy."
-- Jerry Pournelle, Chaos Manor, The User's Column, December 2009, Column 353

"Whether you’re a new user just getting up to speed with Snow Leopard and your new Mac, or an experienced one struggling with the myriad of compatibility issues that have arisen with this version of the OS, I can’t think of a better companion to take along on your journey. As the book itself points out, OS X 10.6 offers more of everything—but still no manual. Then again, I doubt if Apple could have done a better job here than was done by Mr. David Pogue, explainer extraordinaire."
-- Gil Poulsen, MyMac Magazine

"It genuinely seems to have something for everyone who buys an Intel Mac."
-- Richard Tolmach, Sacramento Book Review

"This is probably the most comprehensive publication on the new Snow Leopard that has yet been produced...If you really want to learn the full gambit of information about this important new operating system upgrade, then you will want this book to review, and keep as a continual reference guide. "
-- Tom Piper, appleJAC Macintosh Users Group

"When it comes to making a decision on buying one book about Mac OS X Snow Leopard, this is it."
-- Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing