Media praise for Head First Data Analysis

"As with any good teacher, this O’Reilly series attacks the material from a variety of angles. If you know it, or you’re a quick learner, you can breeze right through. If you’re like me, they try everything possible to make things comprehensible."
-- Dana Blankenhorn, Dana Blankenhorn & Paula Rooney,

"This volume will be a valuable educational tool and reference for future generation of business and policy analysts, as well as anyone who must find and communicate the answers to difficult questions based upon numerical and data-based analysis. "
-- Ira Laefsky,

"Bottom line, Head First Data Analysis is a book that could very well occupy an important spot on your shelf. And when the next argument about how Lotus should increase market share breaks out, you can do more than get emotionally involved. You can point out ways to test out those assumptions and make rational decisions. Won’t THAT set you apart from the crowd! "
-- Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings

"The complex subject of data analysis is handled masterfully through a mix of interesting and instructive graphics, interspersed with concise and thought-provoking text. Difficult topics are explained clearly, with numerous examples using Excel and OpenOffice."
-- Michael L. Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing

"The coverage is quite good, and there are lots of examples; this is one of the better introductions to data analysis and Operations Research that I have seen."
-- Jerry Pournelle, Chaos Manor