Media praise for David Pogue's Digital Photography: The Missing Manual

"Will I use Pogue's book to bring back the dead? Well, the corpse is stirring, but whether or not it will emerge from its tomb, only time will tell. I'm supposed to take a four day trip to Oceanside after my daughter-in-law has her first baby (my first grandchild), so who knows? I haven't seen a the Pacific ocean in a long time."
-- James Pyles, Million Chimpanzees

"David does an excellent job of breaking down technical jargon and allowing his readers to grasp the various functions and menu items that come with today's digital cameras. I do enjoy books that are easy to consume and this photography book is easy to read. It's filled with great cross reference points and little tips along the way. There are some really great explanations into some of the more technical aspects of capturing better photos. This book was actually pretty entertaining to read. I did actually chuckle a couple of times because of David Pogue's writing style. It's good."
-- Damien Franco, Your Photo Tips

"Pogue does a great job of explaining, in easy to understand language, what can sometimes be a complicated topic. It's nonintimidating, easy to read, and provides a good introduction to the breadth of digital photography topics from choosing a camera to keeping digital backups."
-- John Watson, PhotoDoto

"I believe that you will enjoy David Pogue's Digital Photography The Missing Manual and that it will help you create pictures that you will show with pride."
-- H. J. Jackson, Northern Vermont Macintosh User Group (NVMUG)

"This book is chockablock with good, clear, sensible advice, highlighting the things that you need to know about using any digital camera...Pogue is especially good at distilling countless features and options into more focused lists, prioritized by their importance for non-pro photographers."
-- Douglas Dixon, Manifest Tech Blog

"In his humorous and friendly writing style, New York Times tech columnist David Pogue reveals what every digital photographer needs to know."
-- Michael L. Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing

"I handed her [my teenage daughter] David Pogue's fine and easily understandable book Digital Photography: The Missing Manual, and she went on from there to read David's December camera roundup in the New York Times. I also posted a capsule of the situation on Twitter. From the two Pogue sources, she concluded that she wanted to replace her broken Kodak EasyShare with either a Canon PowerShot or a Fujifilm pocket camera."
-- Martin Heller, Strategic Developer, InfoWorld

"David Pogue's book, Digital Photography The Missing Manual, is probably the most universal technology book on the market today for digital photographers."
-- Gregg Ellman,

"David Pogue’s Digital Photography: The Missing Manual has a rare combination of useful, essential information, and a readable, casual style...We like it. "
-- Jay Nelson, Design Tools Monthly

"When I read my camera's manual for the first time, my eyes started glazing over about a quarter of the way through, but after reading this book I re-read the manual and understood everything! It is definitely a good book for getting everything possible out of your digital camera."
-- Allen Stenger, SPUG Nuggets, May 2009 Issue

"Any beginning digital photographer and any general-interest library catering to them needs David Pogue's Digital Photography: The Missing Manual..."
-- Diane Donovan, The Bookwatch - The Computer Shelf

"David Pogue’s Digital Photography: The Missing Manual is a fun read that makes takes the intimidation out of learning digital photography, and will correct you on the many things you’ve learned incorrectly over the years. If you’re looking to buy a camera, buy this first. If you’ve just bought a camera, buy this second. You (and the people who look at your pictures) will be better off for it."
-- Kirk Hiner, Appletell

"I picked the book because I am the great-unlearned when it comes to cameras. This guy made me feel that he can explain my new toy to me and that when he is done, I will have some pretty good pictures. The next time I go to buy something, I hope I don’t know anything about the authors so they have to convince me by what they have to say that they deserve $20 of my hard earned money."
-- Jean Locicero Shankle, Inkwells & Keystrokes