Media praise for Bioinformatics Programming Using Python

"Mitchell Model has done the bioinformatics community a real service. This book will quickly and safely teach you programming in Python, a great language for many bioinformatics problems. As biology becomes more information-centric, the new generations of sequencers have opened the floodgates of data at ever-higher powers of resolution and of diversity. The tools introduced here will enable you to turn that data into knowledge, and discover new biological truths. "
-- Jim Tisdall, author of Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics

"This book is a good Python Programming tutorial. It does a good job of explaining the concepts of Python programming to individuals who would like to learn Python. "
-- Dr. Sukanta Ganguly, BayPIGgies

"Overall, I will not hesitate to recommend this book to any one who will like to start to process biological data on their own with Python. Moreover, it can actually serve as a good introductory book to Python regardless the main focus on bioinformatics examples. The book covers most day-to-day basic bioinformatics tasks and shows Python is a great tool for those tasks. "
-- Jason Chin, BayPIGgies

"...I would recommend several sections of this book, particularly the last chapter, as useful supplemental reading. This would be an easy recommendation to make for students at schools with on-line access to the O'Reilly catalog via the Safari Bookshelf."
-- Mark Voorhies, BayPIGgies