Media praise for Cloud Application Architectures

"George Reese displays a deep understanding of infrastructure, cloud computing, and architecture in Cloud Application Architectures. He walks us from the basic definitions to practical usage and even covers much-misunderstood areas such as security and disaster recovery. Learn from an expert all about the art of cloudscaling and how to apply your new found cloud computing knowledge to applications deployed on services such as Amazon or GoGrid."
-- Randy L. Bias, Cloud Strategist,

"For those who want a brief but serious introduction to cloud computing, Cloud Application Architectures provides an excellent introduction and overview to this important computing environment."
-- Ben Rothke, Security Management

"This is a great book on how to build apps in the cloud! I was happy to see how much depth it went into...This book is the first one to go onto my list of essential books in a while. I’ll be keeping this one on my own bookshelf."
-- John Allspaw, Xaprb

"If you are looking to learn some essentials about Cloud computing and Amazon Cloud computing services, this is a book for you."
-- Andy Zhang,

"Very good reading, I invite you, administrators, policy makers, to browse the book. "
-- Pierre Chauvin,