Media praise for VMware Cookbook

"This cookbook will help you to get the most from VMWare ESX. It contains a good deal of clearly explained recipes, which will make you better manage--and understand--virtualized environments. If you want to become an ESX wizard, this is the spell book you were looking for."
-- Guillermo Amodeo, Senior Software Engineer

"All network administrators who need to understand the nuts and bolts of VMware technology to maintain their virtual production systems -- and nowadays that includes practically everyone -- will have this book open on their desktops. The well-organized chapters and easy to follow recipe format will save hours of searching for untested answers on the Internet. "
-- Beth Cohen, IT Operations Director at Broadleaf Services and Hot Technology Thought Leader at TAC Advisory

"If you're responsible for ESX, you'll want to keep this book close at hand. The authors have compiled a lot of information into easy-to-follow steps that will get you moving in the right direction quickly, along with valuable descriptions and recommendations. "
-- Cathy Leik, Infrastructure Engineer

"If you are a network administrator using the most latest VMware products, than this book is the ultimate guide for you. That said, I am not a network administrator, but many recipes in this book helped me. So, if you are using VMware products; especially ESX servers, go get this book. Highly Recommended. "
-- Meera Subbarao, Meera Subbarao's Java Blog

"This is a good book for anyone working with the Enterprise products of VMware :ESX, ESXi and vCenter Server...What I really liked about the book is that in the fifth chapter, they present a bunch of really useful command-line tools."
-- Raj Jammalamadaka, BayPIGgies

"Overall this book is a handy utility that any virtual administrator should have in their library for quick reference."
-- James LaRose, PAVMUG