Media praise for Adult Leukemia: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Families

Named one of the "Best Consumer Health Information Resources" in the Consumer Health Information Source Book by Alan Rees, 6th Edition

"There is nothing more terrifying than the journey through cancer. With this wonderful road map, Granny Barb prepares patients, family members and friends for all of the pitfalls and perils along the way. In a world getting fuller all the time with information as well as misinformation, this comprehensive book provides the accurate picture, the sort that can only come from someone with personal experience who has done her homework diligently. It should be required reading, not only for patients, but for their doctors as well." --Bruce D. Cheson, M.D. Department of Health and Human Services

"Compassionate yet straight-forward, Lackritz is the quintessential patient advocate." --Susan K. Stewart BMT InfoNet

"To make a difficult subject understood by patients without a medical background is a challenging enterprise, but Lackritz measures up to the task. The final product is a book that fills a void on the subject, is easy to read, and is thoroughly comprehensive. I enthusiastically recommend this book for all patients affected with leukemia." --Hector Bensimon, MD Fellow, American Collect of Surgeons Leukemia patient

"Part of the 'Patient-Centered Guides' series, this book combines extensive medical information, practical information, and emotional support for patients and caregivers. The book reflects the wisdom of someone who has 'been there,' and her memoirs (and those of leukemia survivors and families) are woven throughout." --Library Journal