Media praise for Lung Cancer: Making Sense of Diagnosis, Treatment, and Options

"All aspects of lung cancer are covered in depth including symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, recurrence, clinical trials, coping, and end-of-life issues. The style is clear and objective. The book strives to be the consumer reference for lung cancer, and succeeds rather well. Like all O'Reilly's Patient-Centered Guides, Lung Cancercontains personal stories from patients and their families alternating within the text with practical and medical information about the disease." --CAPHIS newsletter (consumer health section of the Medical Library Association)

"This publication is a comprehensive text on lung cancer, written in layman's terms. It reviews the entire spectrum of the disease process from prevention and diagnosis through the treatment trajectory, symptom management, disease recurrence, and terminal care. Multiple healthcare providers (e.g., oncologists, oncology nurses, medical social workers) have reviewed medically intensive chapters and contributed their clinical expertise to ensure the text's accuracy. [V]ery reader friendly." --Oncology Nursing Society

"A highly readable guide to diagnosis and staging, finding the right treatment team, prognosis, treatment of non-small cell and small cell cancers, experiencing chemotherapy and radiotherapy, adverse effects of treatment, recurrence of disease, and clinical trials. Other topics covered include sexuality and fertility, reduction of stress, finance and employment issues, "If All Treatments Have Failed," and how to research your illness. Resources listed include organizations, print publications, and online sites." --Alan Rees, "Alan Rees on Consumer Health," A MAJOR Report

"[A]ddresses in easy-to-understand language the medical, emotional, and support needs of a patient with lung cancer. Useful for patients themselves as well as their families and friends, caretakers, and survivors this patient guide is composed not only of a wealth of up-to-date information but patient and family accounts of their experiences as well. Practical in nature, Johnston provides a lot of suggestions and tips handy for the various stages a lung cancer patient may go through as they journey through the pre-treatment, treatment, and post-treatment experience. Johnston achieves an effective balance between discussion of the medical aspects of lung cancer and discussion of the emotional responses often associated with the situation.
Lung Cancer: Making Sense of Diagnosis, Treatment, and Options is a comprehensive and functional guide that lung cancer patients and their family and friends can use as a tool for becoming knowledgeable about this disease." 5-star review

"Lorraine Johnston is a superb writer of medical information for the lay public. Her book is a comprehensive compilation of all the information about lung cancer that a patient or family member of a patient could possibly need. It is presented in an intelligent fashion which is very readable and understandable without being condescending. Every aspect of the disease and its diagnosis and treatment is covered in a positive and helpful way. It is hard to imagine how anyone could do it better. This book should be required reading for all lung cancer patients who wish to understand their disease and to be active participants in the decision making process related to therapy. I cannot recommend the book highly enough." --Lynn Godmilow, MSW, CGC Director, Genetic Diagnostic Referral Service University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine