Media praise for Tourette's Syndrome

Author Mitzi Waltz has a child with Tourette's syndrome and consulted with physicians, nurses, researchers, support groups, and other Tourette's parents to produce this book for families facing a disconcerting diagnosis. Symptoms, diagnosis, and related conditions are covered, followed by a practical and poignant chapter, "Growing up with Tourette's syndrome." A full 100 pages are devoted to drug and other interventions for Tourette's and associated conditions, with questions to ask one's doctor and information on potential drug interactions and side effects. Excellent detailed appendices provide addresses and web sites for support groups, drug company programs, specialty clinics, and state and provincial mental health agencies... bibliographies of books and videos, basic genetic tables, and annotated lists of diagnostic and psychiatric tests. Giving [the book] a life and human interest are the many snippets of personal narrative from Tourette's patients and families. These may uplift, sadden, or warn, but they will convince parents of a newly-diagnosed child that they are not alone. Recommended for public, medical, and consumer health libraries.
--Consumer Connections, the Medical Library Association newsletter for CAPHIS

"Tourette's Syndrome is a well organized, practical, and enlightening reference that should be read by every parent and professional living with or working with children with TS. The author brings her personal experience and knowledge to sometimes-complex material making it easy to understand. It includes moving, well-written, and sensitive accounts from families who have experienced difficulties with this disorder. Every family struggling with the problems of TS and it's associated disorders will find at least one-and probably many more-ideas for coping making it well worth the investment. I recommend it be added to every bookshelf." --Colleen Wang, RN Founding Officer of TSDA, Medical Liaison of TSDA, Support Leader since 1987

"Mitzi Waltz has written a most complete, readable and informative book, Tourette's Syndrome, Finding Answers and Getting Help. I believe it is byfar the most informative and useful book yet produced. I send my congratulations to her." --Ruth Dowling Bruun, MD Author, Tourette's Syndrome and Tic Disorders: Clinical Understanding and Treatment and A Mind of Its Own: Tourette's Syndrome: A Study and Guide

"This is an impressive, carefully prepared work for which I wish much success." --Milton Sutton Advocate for Tourette's patients and families