Media praise for Network Security Assessment

"The author provides access to all of the weapons used by hackers and others who seek to attack and disable networks. Providing a knowledge of these tactics will help network administrators to deploy tools and implement techniques and good practices to thwart malicious threats."
-- Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report

"Two key characteristics set this book apart from others. First, the author never claims that following the steps he lays out will make your network secure or hacker-proof. Instead, his goal is to give you the tools to assess the security of your network. Second, the book covers various tools, discussing what information each tool can provide and what this information means."
-- James Mohr, Linux Magazine

"While the book is quite technical, it is also very readable. This text is best used in the hands of your company’s network and security administrators. Once they finish reading it, your network security will improve."
-- Ben Rothke, CPP, Security Management