Media praise for Version Control with Subversion

"Without question, I recommend this book to my colleagues - and to anyone else contemplating adopting subversion, or who is already using it. We rolled subversion out to a team of 20 developers, and later to that many hardware engineers, and a prime reason for the success of those rollouts was the excellent documentation provided by Version Control With Subversion. "
-- Tony Butt, Senior Software Engineer, CEA Technologies, Canberra, Australia

"An excellent book for the New User, the opening chapters set out the basics of version control and orient even the most casual user to getting results immediately. Beyond that, Advanced Users will find a Lodestone reference to principles and ethics integral to the structures of Subversion. "
-- Ed Nicholson, 0x1b, Inc

"A very thorough and complete description of Subversion 1.5. With the occasional joke it's a very pleasant read even though, of course, the subject is quite technical. "
-- Hilco Wijbenga, Sr. Software Developer, Cave Beetle Enterprises Inc .

"The one book you need to read cover-to-cover (I did) if you feel the online docs are not sufficient for your needs."
-- Jack Woehr, Dr. Dobb's CodeTalk