Media praise for Head First C#

"Head First C# is absolutely the best introduction to the C# language for C# beginners...I have already expressed myself elsewhere on the Head First Series and my enthusiasm remains strong. And, I would like to remind the reader not to skip around in the text; rather, they should work methodically through the various steps and sections in order to benefit from this structured teaching style. Trust the authors; and, let the book work its magic on you. (What? No "Hello, World!" program?!)"
-- Will Wagers, C# Online

"As with any good teacher, this O’Reilly series attacks the material from a variety of angles. If you know it, or you’re a quick learner, you can breeze right through. If you’re like me, they try everything possible to make things comprehensible."
-- Dana Blankenhorn, Dana Blankenhorn & Paula Rooney,

"The introduction to this particular book discusses how the series attempts to present the concepts and technical material in a way that is far more intellectually compelling and memorable than the approach currently taken by most books...Although the book will be of most value to newer programmers, experienced C# programmers will find topics of interest and perhaps even some language details and analysis that they have never previously encountered."
-- Michael J. Ross, Web Developer, with Greg Hanson,

"A highly interactive approach for the complete beginner."
-- Mike James, I Programmer

"Head First C# is absolutely the best introduction to the C# language for C# beginners."
--Will Wagers, C# Online