Media praise for Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments

"I don't know whom to blame for the demise of chemistry sets: nervous moms or Homeland Security. Mom worried that my brother and I would splash ourselves with acid. And science junkies today claim that chemistry sets are toothless, with the best materials removed, because manufacturers fear lawsuits and terrorists. If you're feeling cheated by your store-bought kit, the Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments is for you."
-- Mark Baard, The Boston Globe

"By teaching professional methodologies and trusting his readers to follow them, Thompson has done a huge service to smart kids everywhere. This book brings home chemistry back to the good ol' days. "
-- John Baichtal, GeekDad

"Are you a frustrated chemist who never outgrew their fascination with the home chemistry kits of the good old days? Back when people took responsibility for their actions and "product liability" wasn't the fear of every company out there? This is the EXACT book you need to get in order to rekindle that love or to pass it on to a new generation...All in all, a great book that brings life to a subject that far too many students and adults fear and dread."
-- Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings

"Armed with this book, I'm looking forward to many hours with the kids, unlocking the wonders of the chemical world. "
-- Chris Spurgeon, spurgeonblog

"Science enthusiasts can benefit from this one-of-a-kind guide to master all of the essential practical skills and fundamental knowledge needed to pursue chemistry as a lifelong hobby."
-- Kansas City, infoZine

"...anyone even considering homeschooling through high school should seriously consider getting a copy for their shelf, or at least borrowing it from the library to help make your decision."
-- Jove,

"Anyone interested in learning basic practical chemistry will find this book not merely useful but invaluable."
-- Jerry Pournelle, Chaos Manor

"The bottom line is that this book is educational, practical and fun. I recommend it for anyone interested in learning about basic practical chemistry. If you are a parent and your child is interested in chemistry you need this book. It will be invaluable for home school parents who plan to teach chemistry and as a supplement for high school chemistry students. I would not be surprised to find that chemistry teachers adopted this book in their own curriculum. "
-- P. Jenkins,

"This book is almost a must have for a high school chemistry enthusiast (any AP Chemistry major), but will work just as well for any kid with a love for experiments, or the adult who has time for a hobby and a passion for science...If you are one of those closet home chemists, this is the book for you. Go get it. "
-- Sunil Laxman,

"This isn't the first book to present chemistry labs for homeschoolers, but it is by far the most comprehensive and complete I've seen to date. At 400+ pages and about 2.5 pounds, the book covers everything: course outlines, lab safety, equipment for your lab (very extensive chapter!), obtaining and working with chemicals, how to dispose of chemicals, sources for equipment and chemicals, microchemistry “substitutions,” lab skills such as working with heat sources and measurements, creating and using the laboratory notebook, and lots of experiments."
-- Cathy Duffy, Cathy Duffy News

"By teaching professional methodologies and trusting his readers to follow them, Thompson has done a huge service to smart kids everywhere. [Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments] brings home chemistry back to the good ol' days. "
--John Baichtal, GeekDad