Media praise for C# 3.0 Cookbook

"...what I like about "C# 3.0 Cookbook," 3rd Edition is that it is the go-to book for solving problems. While it is not the kind of book that you can learn C# with, it is the kind of book that you want to have around when you are learning C#. It will also help you grow as a developer and save you time, energy, and frustration when you need it most."
-- T. Michael Testi,

""Cookbook" style programming books tend to de-emphasize having a solid theoretical understanding of the language and frameworks, and instead present canned solutions to specific problems. Since those solutions almost certainly do not solve your exact problem, the developer must then hammer on the canned solution until it conforms to the problem at hand. That way lies cargo cult programming! Fortunately, the C# 3.0 Cookbook does a good job of not just providing a lot of good solutions to common problems, but also provides some background on the general classes of problems that it treats. This is not at all a C# 3.0 language tutorial, but it is very handy to have around when you're like "Hmm, how does one get the audit info out of a file?""
-- Eric Lippert, Fabulous Adventures in Coding

"...bigger and better than ever, with helpful recipes that are up to date with the new technology that is included in C# 3.0."
--T. Michael Testi,