Media praise for Essential SQLAlchemy

"SQLAlchemy is on track to become the dominant database management tool for Python, but its sheer size can be daunting. Essential SQLAlchemy provides much-needed guidance for programmers who are familiar with SQL but new to database mappers. Even experienced DBAs and Python experts will benefit from the strategies presented here when faced with tough problems of scaling and performance."
-- Liza Daly, Senior Software Engineer,, Author of Next Generation Web Frameworks in Python

"I love this book! It quickly dispelled my confusion and helped me put the enormous power of SQLAlchemy to work."
-- Catherine Devlin, Database Engineer, IntelliTech Systems

"SQLAlchemy may be the best way to use a relational database from Python, and this book will certainly help you exploit SQLAlchemy’s power, if you start with a strong understanding of both Python and SQL."
-- Alex Martelli, Uber Tech Lead, Google Inc. Author of Python in a Nutshell

"This is an excellent reference for people who want to understand both general ORM techniques, and specific SQLAlchemy ORM functionality."
-- Grig Gheorghiu, Director of Technology, RIS Technology

"I found the book moves at a good pace, it presents a complex subject in a clear manner and is an excellent way to get started and understand how to use a truly great product. A good investment for anyone needing to manage data and build good OO applications."
-- Max Slimmer, BayPIGgies

"Advanced programming collections will relish Rick Copeland's Essential SQLAlchemy (9780596516147, $34.99), a powerful survey for Python developers who need to access relational databases. From customizing routines and creating objects to building a mapper and providing an active record pattern, this survey of SQLAlchemy will delight patrons of advanced developer guides. "
-- James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review - The Bookwatch