Media praise for Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks One-on-One

"There's also no other book out there on this subject, and luckily it's Deke who's written it."
-- Jeff Kew, Fireboy Creative, Inc.

"Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks is presented in usual McClelland style - a little bit humorous, a little bit serious, and a whole lot of informative education... If you want to learn the techniques of the selection masters, then I very highly recommend Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks."
-- T. Michael Testi, Blogcritics Magazine

"This title will tell you everything you need to know about the creative and practical capabilities of Photoshop's channels and layer masks, all at your own pace, which makes it an invaluable resource. "
-- Advanced Photoshop, Issue 58

"All-in-all, this is a terrific offering from one of the top photoshop guru's. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to expand their repertoire and learn new, time saving techniques in Adobe Photoshop."
-- Joseph Chabot, (Digital Media Artists Group)