Media praise for Designing Web Interfaces

"What I like about it is that it is a "something to think about" type of book that does not shove someone else's idea's at you, but rather provides a reflective look at how humans think and how to build a website to work with people. I also like the fact that it is in color and provides excellent examples of the topics discussed. If you are designer, web developer, or even a manager of a web based product, you really must have this book."
-- Thomas Testi,

"The layout of the book is very easy to follow: plenty of illustrations and a clear examples along with various break-out boxes. This is a good reference book to keep around; the principals are good ones to keep in mind, even if your project doesn't quite fit into the cases provided, though I think anything larger than a personal website is going to get into areas where the lessons here are applicable. "
-- Zoltan Hunt,

"Once again, the mighty Thor, wielding the great hammer Mjollnir, has bested foul Loki and brought unto me a book which will give me the tools and knowledge to build or renovate a website to be truly Interactive! "
-- Lee "P.K." Crawford, Sacramento Book Review

"Each chapter covers a design principle making for an excellent in-depth focus highly recommended for web designers. "
-- Diane Donovan, The Bookwatch - The Computer Shelf

"With web interfaces using AJAX, Flash and Silverlight more and more, not only would designers would find this book useful, but also developers..."
-- George Ande,

"Erin & Christian have put together an astounding collection of the most important social design patterns in use today. I recommend it for anybody building a social web site or application...I wish I had this book three years ago! "
-- Joshua Porter, Author of Designing for the Social Web, Founder of Bokardo Design

"A fabulous resource for companies looking to take advantage of the powers of the social web! This is a must-read for engineers and designers new to developing for social media, and an excellent reference for the seasoned designer. "
-- Abby Kirigin, Interaction design consultant/Product strategy adviser

"Christian and Erin have pulled together the current thinking on social design into a common language for driving interactions via usable open standards, open source, open processes, and interoperability."
-- David Recordon, OpenID Foundation

"...a good go-to reference for choosing an appropriate interaction design pattern for the type of web-site that you are creating and the way you would like the viewer to interact with it. "
-- Tammy Jarocki, Austin Adobe Users Group

"The many relevant examples from real web sites and the discussions on when the various approaches should be used should enable any web designer to specify the most appropriate interfaces that should be incorporated into each web page where user interaction is allowed so as to provide the most user friendly approach."
-- Stephen Chapman, Ask Felgall

"Designing Web Interfaces is a very detailed book which describes various patterns and principles on interaction design. It also talks about the advantage and disadvantages of using different pattern on Interaction design. Designing Web Interfaces is must have book for everyone who are involved in developing and designing web sites."
-- Akbarsait NoorMohomed,