Media praise for Learning Flex 3

"This most excellent book provides a step-by-step tutorial through all aspects of Flex development, from familiarizing your self with the right tools to learning basic features of ActionScript and MXML, to sharing your completed work with others. More importantly, the author chose topics based on what he felt empowered you to begin development without overwhelming you."
-- John Vacca,

"Learning Flex 3 is a fabulous book for anyone who wants to learn how to use Flex 3 effectively. It not only covers the basics of Flex 3, it describes several skills that you will need to develop RIA's."
-- Scott Powers,

"The first thing that stood out is that it's in color! I love color, especially for technical material it adds a whole extra dimension to the medium and another vehicle by which to communicate. Obviously in code listings it makes the code easier to visually digest and mentally break down what you're seeing, and with screen caps color is so much more appealing...I'd recommend this book to someone who wants to get their feet wet with Flex - someone who may not be fully committed to Flex at this point in time and doesn't want to invest a ton of time yet."
-- Tariq Ahmed, DopeJam blog

"I would highly recommend it to every beginner."
-- Shashank Tiwari, RIA Revolution

"It's a solid introduction to Flex, and while it doesn’t get too heavy on the intimate details of the Flex framework, I can definitely recommend it for people who are looking at Flex for the first time. The flow throughout the book is unique, and if you combine that with the stylish design, it’s an excellent read for a new Flex developer."
-- Josh Tynjala, JoshTalksFlash

"How soon can you learn Adobe Flex 3? With this book's unique hands-on approach, you will be able to tinker with examples right away, and create your own Rich Internet Applications with Flex within the first few chapters. "
-- Ted Patrick, Ted on Flash

"This book was exactly what I needed, aimed at beginners but not dummies. The topic's choice was well balanced, and the colors and nice typography made the whole reading experience even more pleasant."
-- Foti Massimo,