Media praise for Learning Rails

"Learning a new web framework (and language) can be difficult, but Simon and Edd take it one step at a time and explain everything you need to know to get started with Rails."
-- Gregg Pollack,

"Most Ruby on Rails books take a software developer's approach, making them difficult to follow for web designers and developers without a lot of programming background. Learning Rails takes a different approach, starting with building web pages and gradually introducing the full software model. It's gentle, but not dumbed-down. In our screencast course, we've found this to be a highly effective way for people to learn Rails. Even if you're not a software developer by training, this book will open up the power of Rails for you."
-- Michael Slater,

"I've found this book to be the perfect fit as an introduction to Rails. It isn't condescending as a 'For Dummies' books might feel, but it doesn't fly over your head or go into insane detail in trying to explain every intricacy of the framework. In fact, several times it tells you to not worry about something and that you can look into it later but not to sweat the small stuff."
-- David Fisher, What is Noise Blog

"So overall this book did absolutely give me that quick introduction to what Rails is all about. "
-- Mike Smith, The UK's Unix and Open Systems User Group (UKUUG)