Media praise for The Art of SEO

"This book should be considered a 'bible' on SEO because I cannot think of any other topic that has been left out. I have already used this book for two websites my company has developed and improved its search results by at least 10-20%. "
-- Frank Stepanski,

"It's the SEO title that will best help you jump in feet first and understand what you need to know from the start."
-- Todd R. Weiss, ComputerWorld

"If you want a single manual to cover everything currently worth knowing about search engine optimization (SEO) and the search marketing industry, then this is the book for you."
-- Angela Wheatcroft MBCS, BCS

"Indeed, in my opinion, this is one of the most valuable characteristic of the book: it explains the algorithms implemented by people who write the search engines themselves."
-- Mario Fusco, JUG Lugano Book Reviews

"A readable and accessible book that will allow any reader to enhance the effective of their web sites and content. It is highly recommended for writers, web designers, developers and marketing professionals who want use the web effectively, and for the proper reasons. It is most certainly not a spammer’s bible. "
-- Martin P. Wilson,

"Of all the books on SEO I've seen this year, this one is most likely to wear out from frequent use as you return to it again and again for practical advice."
-- Chris Sherman, Search Engine Land