Media praise for Mac OS X for Unix Geeks (Leopard)

"Mac OS X for Unix Geeks is an excellent resource for anyone with an interest in tapping into the power behind OS X, from geeks to firmly established command-line pros."
-- Chris Seibold, author of Big Book of Apple Hacks

"It's a fast read that assumes--as the title implies--rather a lot of UNIX knowledge. With that requirement satisfied and this book in hand, you're likely to discover aspects of Aqua more quickly than you otherwise would have."
-- Mirko Zorz, (IN) SECURE Magazine

"Success in publising depends upon knowing your potential readers and meeting their needs. Seldom has a book illustrated this principle so clearly as Mac OS X for UNIX Geeks. Within the first page we learn how to change the behavior of bash to conform to POSIX 1003, I standard. By this point the casual browser knows exactly whether they will purchase the book or not. "
-- Gavin Inglis, UKUUG Newsletter March 2009