Media praise for The Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi/450D Companion

"This unique account teaches you how to use different Digital Rebel features to make great photographs: author gives his easy-to-follow lessons, a complete class on digital photography, tailored specifically for people who use this camera. "
-- Nadia Russ, Wonderpedia

"You need a very good book that not only teaches you how to use the XSi but also shows you how to make really good photographs. The Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi/450D Companion, subtitled Practical photography advice you can take anywhere, is one such book. "
-- Chris Malinao, Studio Lighting

"Ben Long’s The Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi/450D Companion is the manual that "should have" shipped with the camera...Throughout the entire book, he manages to keep a friendly patter going, with some asides, as if he were with you. He does this without pandering, in a voice that’s easy for both the novice and the advanced user...there is enough here to satisfy all."
-- Dennis Hays, Photo News Today

"Long's companion book is the type I would recommend to students in my digital photography workshops because it reveals camera features often overlooked by most novice photographers...This companion book is a fine introduction to digital photography and those purchasing the Canon Rebel for the first time. It might also be a good refresher guide for intermediate photographers as well. "
-- Bakari Chavanu, MyMac Magazine

"...easy to follow explanations without being condescending. As I thumbed through...all I could think was that's exactly the advice I'd give!...This is how you should spend the money you're no longer spending on film. "
-- Geoff Fox, PC Magazine's Gearlog blog

"The book is well-designed and well written and attractively laid out. It covers more advanced areas such as white balance and gray cards. As well as the understanding and use of the camera's histogram."
-- Gordon Cook, Cook's Collaborative Edge

"Technical savvy blends with specialty photography tips in a survey important for any Canon DOS Digital Rebel camera owner."
-- Diane Donovan, The Bookwatch - The Photography Shelf