Media praise for Mathematica Cookbook

"For those willing to spend the time, effort and money, Mathematica Cookbook is a worthy purchase for the discerning Mathematica user."
-- Mike Riley, Dr. Dobb's CodeTalk

"The Mathematica Cookbook does a good job of showing the wide range of capabilities of the Mathematica program; and since a working knowledge of how to use Mathematica is increasingly important for science and engineering students, this book could be important to them."
-- Jerry Pournelle, Chaos Manor, The User's Column, August 2010, Column 360

"This book is not recommended for the new user. However, for anyone with cursory knowledge of the software, it supplies a number of very nice examples with which to extend user expertise. Also, it serves as a very nice overview of Mathematica’s capabilities and concentrates heavily on the useful, versus the abstract."
-- John A. Wass, Ph.D., Scientific Computing

"Buy Mathematica Cookbook as a reference for the harder problems you may encounter some day and for the introductions to the 19 areas covered in the book. If a particular chapter draws you then work through the problems in that chapter."
-- Sol Lederman, Playing With Mathematica