Media praise for Photoshop Lightroom 2 Adventure

"Last summer I paid for Lightroom upgrade and as soon as I saw Photoshop Lightroom 2 Adventure, I pleaded for my review copy. It is a gorgeous and absolutely indispensable book for all Lightroom users."
-- Gordon Cook, Cook's Collaborative Edge

"What separate's Aaland's adventure book from the other lightroom adventure books? The superb photos illustrating techniques. Rather than resorting to stock, the book inspires with stunning images shot in Tasmania by Aaland and a teen of 18 pros. It's hands-on Lightroom-learning in the real (make that exotic) world."
-- Derek Pell, Zoom Street Magazine

"Photoshop Lightroom 2 Adventure is on the other hand a great concept for a book. It allows me as the reader, an entertaining way to learn of new photographers, see how they compare to others who basically are shooting the same sites, all while learning the new features of Lightroom 2."
-- T. Michael Testi, Blogcritics Magazine

"This book covers Lightroom 2.0 from the ground up so any one new to using Lightroom could benefit from this. But there is more than enough new or changed items with this release that even for someone fairly versed in Lightroom 1.x will find useful knowledge between the covers."
-- Michael T. Sedwick, Behind the Shutter Curtain

"Every page of Aaland's book is filled stunning photography and screen shots that explore every aspect of Lightroom 2.0...He is a master of breaking down complicated concepts about digital photography in a succinct manner...Indeed, Photoshop Lightroom Adventure 2 will be the only guide you need to learn the program."
-- Bakari Chavanu, MyMac Magazine

"I'm a digital tech freak, but I was set in my ways. Most of what Lightroom does can be done in Photoshop, after all. But...I’ve just finished reading Photoshop Lightroom 2 Adventure, by Mikkel Aaland (O’Reilly Media; $44.99), and I’m a changed man. I’ve been locked away in my studio for weeks now playing with the software, the book and my digital images."
-- John C. Carnett, Popular Science

"This is one of the most detailed how-to books you will find covering the new Lightroom 2 program. It is a hands-on guide that will teach you how to use Lightroom to make your images really stand out in a crowd....If you are going to be using Lightroom, then this is a "must-have" book, and I do not say that very often."
-- Paul W. Faust, Impressions of Light

"Although the Lightroom landscape is unfamiliar to me, I can tell you that Mikkel's explanations of just how the ACR-type development tools work are clear, complete, and very useful. They confirmed some details I'd had notions about but couldn't find explicitly clarified elsewhere. I'm betting that the rest of the book is just that good."
-- Ctein, The Online Photographer

"If you want to learn about Lightroom 2 the easy and pleasurable way, this book may be for you. "
-- Brian Seed, The Picture Professional, Issue 1, 2009

"Thrilling photographic adventures aside, you definitely need Mikkel Aaland’s Photoshop Lightroom 2 Adventure: Mastering Adobe’s Next-Generation Tool for Digital Photographers if you are serious about your digital photography."
-- Dominique James, Sacramento Book Review

"It is a gorgeous and absolutely indispensable book for all Lightroom users."
--Gordon Cook, Cook's Collaborative Edge