Media praise for iPhone: The Missing Manual

"Do you have an iPhone 3G? If you do, then this book is for you. Author David Pogue, has done an outstanding job of writing a book that is designed to serve as the iPhone manual."
-- John R. Vacca,

"For those in need of a written guide to the iPhone, you just buy the book and enjoy it, without wasting any time with comparisons, reviews, or undue deliberation. You can trust the author and publisher. For years,Pogue Press', the Missing Manual series, has been a benchmark of quality for the genre. In an era where manufacturers provide skimpy support materials, the Missing Manual series acts as a great substitute."
-- John Suda,

"After reading and applying 376 pages of iPhone: The Missing Manual: Covers the iPhone 3G, you will feel that you mastered iPhone 3G in every aspect. The book also works as a troubleshooting guide. My recommendation is to progress to book slowly applying the skills in each chapter. Essential reading for iPhone geeks."
-- Apple Iphone Universe

"A product manual you won't be able to put down. I wound up reading the book cover to cover—or at least, from the beginning of the file to the end of the file (I was using the PDF version). In the end, I would gladly have paid the $24.99 cover price($16.49 at Amazon) just for the book's excellent collection of time-saving tips for heavy iPhone users."
-- Wade Roush, Xconomy

"There are a whole lot of things the iPhone can do besides the most obvious. If you have an iPhone, it sure wouldn't hurt to get a book like this one. It is in full color too. David Pogue, the author is top notch."
-- Linda Cameron, The Finder, Mid-Columbia Macintosh Users Group

"The book’s strength lies in the colorful quality, clarity and ease of use. I find that it explains better than most computer books and answer all my questions fully and completely without hype and unnecessary information. It truly is an excellent resource and beats Apple’s manual totally. "
-- Bruno Kappes, Ph.D., AAUG Member

"Medium and larger public libraries should invest in guides covering the iPhone 3G; The Missing Manual will be your best bet here due to its friendly, thorough, and straightforward coverage..."
-- Rachel Singer Gordon, The Tech Static

"This book will be helpful. I think that the iPhone will be simple enough to use (and now that I have one, yes it is), but the seems to remind you of things you might not think about like putting the phone into Airplane mode or saving battery life by turning off or on features. I have a feeling this Missing Manual book will come in very handy. "
-- Melissa McGuire, GRC Mug Newsletter, Volume 9, Issue 1

"iPhone: The Missing Manual is chock full of tips and shortcuts that I never would have found without reading the book...a must for any iPhone owner. Be sure and read it with your iPhone nearby because it is full of tips that you'll want to use immediately."
-- James Bleifus, Orange County IBM PC Users' Group, nibbles & bits

"Pogue, the New York Times computer columnist, is among the world's best explainers."
-- Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired

"The title of this book is pretty fitting, it's full of the useful kind of stuff that all manuals should contain but never actually do. "
-- Fluffy Pig

"So, to read it for pleasure, I'd certainly buy the full-sized book, but as a reference on your iPhone, this is an excellent choice, and a fine job by Pogue and O'Reilly."
-- Charlie Martin, Explorations

"...a surprisingly good reference to the iPhone's functions..."
-- Chris Higgins, mental_floss

"I must admit I've learned a thing or two about my phone since picking up this ebook. "
-- Home of Apps

"I fondly remember the Seinfeld episode in which Kramer was developing a coffee table book...about coffee tables, so when I read about an iPhone book on the iPhone, I simply had to review it. Not that there is anything wrong with that, no of course not!"
-- Dave Greenbaum, LAUG 2.0

"After spending $400.00 for both my wife and my 3G iPhone 8G phones, the cost of this book was well worth the information I have learned. I highly recommend this iPhone users manual."
-- Wayne Watson, AAUG Reviews

"Essential reading for iPhone geeks."
--Apple Iphone Universe