Media praise for iPhone SDK Application Development

"This book is easy to use both as a reference and for a linear once-over read to familiarize myself with the aspects of iPhone programming. I like the way the sections step through each example, starting from the simplest form to the more complex form where Controllers are used for multiple views, or moving from the use of Interface builder files to custom coding."
-- John Draper ("Cap'n Crunch"), longtime phone phreak and software developer

"This book is in a completely different league from other offerings I've seen. The book is extremely comprehensive, and having so many annotated sample projects will be a boon to iPhone developers. Even experienced developers who aren't familiar with a particular framework will be able to crack open these sample apps and get very clear and concise examples. Jonathan speaks with authority, clarity, and experience, something that will definitely differentiate this book from other offerings I've seen."
-- Jon Hohle

"...a profound introduction and reference for transitioning to Objective C-based iPhone/iPod touch development. It supplies you with all the necessary information, and it provides a lot of examples for achieving quick success--assuming that you have all the tools properly installed and that you already own a Mac (for development) and either an iPhone or iPod touch."
-- K. Waldhör, Computing Reviews