Media praise for Ruby Cookbook

"I've lost count of the times I've googled for ages for some ruby trick and found it in the Cookbook in about 10 seconds. It's brilliant, and the discussion sections always highlight something useful. "
-- Ashley Moran, Business Analyst,, Comp.lang.ruby

"If you would like to become a serious Ruby hacker, don’t hesitate to buy this book. In my opinion it is absolutely worth every cent - and even more. My only problem is that there are no more recipes - however this is not a critique but rather a compliment: you simply can not get enough - not even from nearly 900 pages. One could argue that some things are missing or he would rather see this instead of that (I believe the authors themselves have had some tough time deciding these matters) - but I guess everyone agrees that the material which made it to the book is absolutely top-notch. 5 out of 5 stars - a great addition to anyone’s Ruby bookshelf. "
-- Peter Szinek, MSc, RubyRailways

"...906 pages of shiny, nearly perfect Ruby code with detailed explanations of everything, this book is a fantastic way to learn Ruby."
-- Joel Spolsky, Joel on Software

"This sort of book lives and dies by two criteria - the quality of the code and the usefulness of the recipe selection. Ruby Cookbook wins on both. The topics covered are wide and leave little, if any, part of the language unexplained. "
-- Tony Williams,

"The difference between [O'Reilly books] and the other books you own are the coffee stains and dog-eared pages found from cover to cover, not just the first few chapters...Granted, every solution to every problem isn't contained in the covers of this book. But there are solutions to a wide array of problems and the authors do such a good job in discussing each solution in detail that you should be able to find guidance for most issues you encounter."
-- Tim Kuntz,

"One of the greatest challenges to Ruby development was the lack of coherent resource base that development teams can refer to. There are great resources online but these have been mostly snippets of information located in various places. Ruby Cookbook follows the O'Reilly cookbook tradition and has good reference touch points to developers. This book help launch a Ruby project worked on by multiple teams in separate locations. Having a common reference point greatly aided in the delivery of the project. Ruby is fun to work with and with the Ruby Cookbook, it makes it easier to deliver on a project."
-- Srihari Mailvaganam,

"It's an impressive work especially because of its tremendous sweep: whether you need string handling, file I/O, database programming, network programming, multitasking, or accessing BitTorrent, it's all covered in this book. At a $33 street price, the book is a steal, and most Ruby developers are likely to keep a copy beside their workstation."
-- Andrew Binstock, Binstock on Software

"You can put Ruby Cookbook to work instantly by identifying the problems you're facing and looking for their equivalents in the book. Even if your problem is not covered directly, chances are there are chapters in the book that are close enough that you can at least get a head start on an intelligently constructed solution...The Ruby Cookbook is an indispensable tool for current or prospective Ruby programmers, both as a means of learning the language by showing how it works, and as a desk reference to help out when you don't know how to deal with a particularly challenging problem. I'm glad to have this book on my shelf."
-- Jem Matzan, The Jem Report

"After playing with it through the examples in the Ruby Cookbook, I must admit Ruby won my respect in the usability department - and this came across through the book's usability...I ended up being impressed greatly with the book - the way it is organized allows a programmer to dive in and simply get stuff done...the book gets a 9 out of 10 for readability and usefulness--a difficult thing in the weight class it is in. A must have reference for those interested in Ruby, I'll happily recommend this book."
-- Taran Rampersad,

"Here is the definitive book on implementing Ruby, covering such important topics as strings and numbers, arrays and hashes, databases, graphics, and multitasking. The authors have put together an incredible collection of ready-to-use solutions, clearly documented, with all necessary code. Programmers can get a head start by simply dropping code from the book into their work."
-- Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing

"...a weighty, powerful web programming guide covering both basic and advanced functions...packed with reference insights."
-- James Cox, Midwest Book Review

"RC simply gives a lot of value. It's massive: with a page count approaching 900, the authors have plenty of room to explain the language. They've put a great deal of care into the recipes; there's an elaborate test framework, for example, that validates each one automatically. Even better than that, though, is the content targeted for the human reader rather than the Ruby interpreter...The range of RC is admirable...RC is definitely a book we're keeping in our library."
-- Cameron Laird,

"I was tempted to think I wasn't ready for this book yet, as I don't have a firm Ruby foundation. But I'm glad I ignored that thought. For a beginner, this is a wealth of real code that does things that you will need to do in all your programs. String manipulation, number and date processing, etc. Those are the things that are fairly simple when you have experience, but stumbling blocks when you have to think about every step you take. For the intermediate and experienced coder, you'll find more advanced techniques like web services or multithreading your programs. In both cases (beginner or expert), a book like this will start to seed your imagination. Scanning through the recipes, you're sure to have one of those "ooohh... I didn't think about doing *that*!" moments."
-- Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings

"As you can see there is a lot of information in this book. As I was flipping through it I began to wonder how I could possibly make room in my brain for all this knowledge. If I absorbed it all I'd probably have to discard some pretty fundamental things...My guess is that Mssrs. Carlson & Richardson are in similar predicaments and my thanks to go them and their Significant Others for potentially sacrificing valuable basic skills in order to bring you all this wonderful code."
-- Vince Wadhwani, UrbanPuddle

"Once you’re familiar with Ruby basics and want specifics on how to perform a wide variety of tasks, this book is a great resource."
-- Michael Slater, Technology for Humans

"After attending CodeMash and sitting in on a few great sessions around both Ruby and Rails, I decided to start using Ruby as my primary scripting language and I made a commitment to play around some more with Rails. The best resource that I’ve had had in both of these situations are each respective cookbook from O’’s been wonderful just skimming the books and getting a grasp on the capabilities and common tasks for each one. I’ve found out a lot about how to effectively use Ruby and I’ve found many capabilities that I didn’t think that were possible (at least easily) with Rails. These books are both great resources, superbly written, and deserve a place on your bookshelf. "
-- Ben Carey, The Sherpa Project

"Will you have need for all 300 plus recipes in this cookbook? Probably not…today, but perhaps soon! With over 800 pages, there is something for everyone."
-- T. Michael Testi,

"It is not an introductory book for Ruby and honestly I used the references given in the book to start with Ruby, because I didn't know anything of the language. Later on, when I got some feeling about the language, I started to enjoy the book, because it is giving a lot of information in the discussions that goes widely over the initial given problem for understanding more of its philosophy. It's a big book, but it is also giving a lot of recipes to real-world problems. If I'm going to program something in Ruby, I will search a good starting point recipe, that will give me a hint to a good solution of the problems I'll encounter. I would recommend the book to everyone who programs in Ruby."
-- Bart Vrancken, JavaLobby

"This sort of book lives and dies by two criteria - the quality of the code and the usefulness of the recipe selection. Ruby Cookbook wins on both. "
--Tony Williams,