Media praise for Fedora Linux

"The best book on FC so far! Fedora Core users should consider Chris Tyler's book as their first choice...Given the competitive advantages of this book over the other books on Fedora Core:

  • Good coverage of FC6 (though some screenshots are still from FC5).
  • Exclusive approach of considering notebooks as of an important target.
  • Wonderfully presented topics, like: LVM, Touchpad, baking your own RPMs, using pam_abl, GRUB, and more.
  • Good tips here and there.
  • The practical side of seeing things, and the clear, accurate language.
  • Chris Tyler's latest book receives an average grade of: 9 out of 10. It also gets the privilege to become the 4th product receiving the official label «Recommended by Béranger»."
    -- Radu-Cristian Fotescu, Béranger does GNOME

    "It is really refreshing to see this book take such a unique structured approach to explaining the concepts...The author is eloquent in his narration of the topics and has done a good job of explaining the concepts. I found this book to be an ideal resource for coming up to date with all the system and network administration tasks that can be accomplished in Fedora Linux. Rating: 9/10"
    -- Ravi Kumar,

    "Chris has produced a truly exceptional guide to all things Fedora that proves 'comprehensive' doesn’t have to mean 'painful' (to read or carry)...There are many excellent books about Linux and Fedora, but it is rare to find one that is written elegantly. As far as technical books go, the ease and fluidity of the writing style put this book head and shoulders above almost any I’ve seen in terms of sheer reading enjoyment. There is an almost indefinable grace in Fedora Linux, obviously born of the author’s zeal for good documentation. This book would make an excellent companion volume for a Linux beginners class in which Fedora is the platform of choice. For a solid understanding of core skills for use on Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and guidance on becoming part of the next century of computing, Chris Tyler’s Fedora Linux is a fantastic value and highly recommended. "
    -- Paul Frields, Red Hat Magazine

    ""Chris Tyler did an outstanding job of lining up the nuts and bolts so that the reader can connect them - and with more than adequate links to further resources, the value of the book is well within the limits of it's cost. If you're Fedora-curious and want a nice 'HOW-TO' book next to you, this is definitely your book. Fedora Linux: A Complete Guide to Red Hat's Community Distribution gets a KnowProSE 9 out of 10.""
    -- Taran Rampersad,

    "...this book takes you through the steps to install a Fedora-core on a desktop or laptop system and then to perform various system tasks with it. When I first opened the book and spotted several pages of screen shots, I expected this to be another book like the Red Hat Bible books from a few years ago, fortunately it wasn't, after you get past the basic installation, the information presented is largely all about Fedora."
    -- Zoltan Hunt,

    "...the book was very clearly written and the layout was great - every exercise has a lab exercise and an easy to understand "how it works" section. A good book as an opening to your Linux library, handy to get you over a few hurdles with the distro...Rating: 10"
    -- XavierP,

    "About fifty percent of the way into this book, I quit taking notes and just kept reading... good stuff for those with an interest in not just Fedora, but Linux in general. Quite possibly intimidating for the newbie and some parts may be a 'well, duh' for experienced users. If you have the time and interest, I would recommend at least reading a few pages at your favorite local bookstore as a test-drive. Otherwise, consider picking up a copy for your geeky cousin and then steal it from him (or her) after the holidays."
    -- Lyger, InfoSecNews

    "As an experienced user of these distros, I can confidently say that I felt the book would be a valuable resource for that target audience and that it does a good job of quickly getting you up and running on many essential Linux topics."
    -- David Brown, Central Indiana Linux Users Group

    "It's a grand tour of the installation, maintenance and management of the distribution. It is well written, clear and concise in many of the explanations and an easy read. It makes few basic assumptions on the part of the user; it endeavours to enable the reader to be confident when working with Fedora and it does it rather well...If you want to start using Fedora but don't know where to start, then this book is for you."
    -- Peter Daly, CEng MBCS CITP, British Computer Society

    "Fedora, a very popular brand of Linux, is the community-project distribution spun off and still helped by Red Hat. Users get Fedora free, but get no printed manual. Tyler's book is the resource that every Fedora user needs from installation onward...this book is useful to other Linux users because of its comprehensive, in-depth, well-explained coverage...For all Linux users. Highly recommended."
    -- R.P. Sarna, Marine Maritime Academy

    "If you're Fedora-curious and want a nice 'HOW-TO' book next to you, this is definitely your book."
    --Taran Rampersad,