Media praise for Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders

"The authors have managed to do what is often impossible. They've married an incredible amount of information with an easy-to-read style that keeps your interest from page to page and makes you want to get back out underneath the stars. I heartily recommend this book to any amateur astronomer! With its engaging prose and over 500 individual objects described in detail, this book will easily keep you busy both at the telescope and in your favorite recliner! "
-- Dean Petters,

"This is the book I wish I had 40 years ago when I started observing. Before telescopes were "Go-To" you needed to find your way to the exciting objects to observe using the guide posts of things you COULD see and find. Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders gives clear finder-scope/telescope field-of-view reference diagrams that will walk you step by step to each of the objects, and then provides a picture close to what it will look like through average amateur equipment. Not only will you get to observe the astronomical wonders, you'll learn your way around the night sky AND develop the skills to find ANYTHING. An excellent reference for beginners through intermediate astronomers interested in finding all those faint fuzzys."
-- S. Lyon,

"This book is an excellent companion to the many books and atlases making up my astronomy library and I can't think of any other "single" volume that will be more helpful to one setting out on the journey to explore the stars, clusters and galaxies that keep us looking up at the sky each night."
-- Elliott P.,

"In their usual clear and engaging way, the authors have opened up the sky to the newly interested in astronomy. But there's a great deal more in this book that will engage those more familiar with the night sky...While viewing astronomical objects is a unique and fascinating hobby, collecting books about astronomy is also a great hobby. There is always something new that comes along to pique our interest. This book will be an important part of my astronomy library for years to come. "
-- John Jacobson,

"Yet another masterpiece by O'Reilly! I can't even begin to imagine the amount of work the authors put in this book. Absolutely stunning...An amateur astronomer myself, I can see this book finding its permanent place on my shelf and being used heavily in the field. Use it as a study guide, consult it as a reference source. For beginners: you will learn fundamental concepts and terminology. The authors will guide you in purchasing the right equipment. You will learn to read charts and locate objects in the night sky. Moreover, the book is designed to be read in the field, under red lighting, to preserve night vision. 5 stars to the publisher and to Robert B Thompson and Barbara Thompson!"
-- J. Tairov,

"The book is full of wonderful small touches, like a note on why there is no such thing as a truly green star, and how some amateur astronomers observe with binoculars by lying in a partially inflated (but empty!) kiddie pool, with the sides of the pool supporting their arms!...The stars haven't changed recently but our equipment has, and today's larger aperatures and vastly better eyepieces have brought many new objects into range for backyard astronomers. This is the book that will tell you how to find them and see them well with modern equipment."
-- Jeff Duntemann, ContraPositive Diary

"If you're considering buying a telescope, first buy the Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders: From Novice to Master Observer by Robert Bruce Thompson and Barbara Fritchman Thompson. Whether you're dedicated or just think you're dedicated, this book will tell you what you need to know to do some serious stargazing...Though primarily a research manual, the book's as lively as one could hope for under the circumstances."
-- John Baichtal, GeekDad Review

"To my knowledge, no other guide book exists that is so useful for planning and conducting observation sessions."
-- Douglas Mechaber, Celestron Merges Astronomy and Electronics

"The further I got into this book the more that I said to myself: "Why would you ever have to write observing advice again?!" Whenever someone asks you about an observing target all you need to do is simply point them in the direction of the Thompsons' book. The Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders is so complete that it will hold an easy to reach spot on my bookshelf. It is an excellent work suitable for beginners as well as accomplished observers...I enjoyed this well thought out and well written reference book - I am confident that it would prove to be a much coveted gift for your favourite observing partner."
-- Lydia Lousteaux, Astronomy Today

"Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders: From Novice to Master Observer (DIY Science) gets a 9 out of 10. I'm not familiar enough with Astronomy to do so convincingly for an 'Astronomy Book' - but I am a fledgling amateur astronomer thanks to this book, and in that the book has fulfilled its basic purpose and has provided me room to grow within its folds. Maybe one day I will need another book, but I suspect that this book will be all I will need for years to come."
-- Taran Rampersand, KnowProse

"...the most comprehensive of any single-volume, illustrated deep-sky reference currently available."
-- Gary Seronik, Sky and Telescope

"It's always hard to decide on the one perfect book for someone who has just bought their first telescope, but this one definitely ticks all the right boxes; highly recommended."
-- Neale Monks, Cloudy Nights

"The Illustrated Guide is useful for beginners and experienced astronomers alike. For beginners, the book will be challenging to use, but will provide years of deep-sky targets to chase down. For those with more experience the book will be a great reference."
-- Dan Hanks, The BrainShed

"With its engaging prose and over 500 individual objects described in detail, this book will easily keep you busy both at the telescope and in your favorite recliner! "
--Dean Petters,