Media praise for Essential ActionScript 3.0

"This book is so good and so needed for Flash CS3 and Flex Builder - Adobe should consider including a half-price discount voucher on the book when people register their products."
-- Jacques Surveyer, The Open Sourcery

"Few Flash books are as anticipated as the ones from Colin Moock, and this one have been in the works for more than 2 years. It's worth the wait and Colin once again proves that his book should be on every developers desk...This book is excellent for the ones that really want to dive deep into Actionscript, learn the fundamentals and have a good reference book on the desk. Default values are always noted and this is great for reference. It is also fun to see the amount of well known names of known Actionscripters mentioned in the book. Great in-jokes that won't distract newcomers."
-- Jens C. Brynildsen, Flash Magazine

"What a joy to read! I’m finally creating projects, instead of reading code samples, like I did in EA2. This is a great reference and teaching tool. If you work with Flash or Flex, this is a "must-have" for your library."
-- John R. Hall,

"With this third edition, Essential ActionScript has evolved into THE authoritative ActionScript resource. As one indication, this edition as over 900 pages while the last edition had about 500. There are over 15 technical reviewers, including chief Adobe engineers. This book is the one you want."
-- Brett Merkey,

"If you do want to be one of those people who knows ActionScript, then this is a great book for you. Again, maybe you won't get it the first time, but if you read through it a couple of times, I think it'll start to make sense to you...It's a great book that I think a lot of people can get stuff out of and apply to accomplish many of the cool things you see on people's websites."
-- Adam Hay, Rookie Designer Podcast

"I would definitely recommend this book if you are new to ActionScript programming and want "one true source" to get you started. In addition to being a gentle introduction to object-oriented programming, it nicely points out the ActionScript idioms and terminology. Although nothing will beat the online documentation for timeliness and correctness, Essential ActionScript 3 is a good place to start."
-- David Heinecke,

"Moock starts from the top with package and then moves on to classes and then talks about constructor and variables. Dave Thomas also wanted to start from the top but he had this dillema how to tell about classes and objects without first telling about the basic building blocks of programming like variables and functions. But Moock has done it. And like me, you would not believe it unless you read on your own."
-- Ashwinee Dash, FlexNotes

"Namespaces in ActionScript is a concept which I'm not aware of existing in any other language. I've tried to find an example of why they are needed and how they can solve problems that cannot be solved without them, or at least less elegantly without them. Reading Colin Moock's Essential ActionScript 3.0 I came across an example that showed just that. In two paragraphs Moock has convinced me of the beauty of namespaces."
-- Theo Hultberg, Iconara

"Better than an ox paving stone, this piece of work (seeing its weight) is to be tasted with delight and without moderation! This opus is a "must have" or a "holy bible", explaining clearly and simply the new tendency towards the ActionScript 3.0."
-- Jean-Philippe Delavallade, jeanphiBlog

"Essential AS3 has depth to each and every topic...going through example after example illustrating different facets of the topic - the XML chapter was particularly impressive. Too often you read a book and feel like you have to go back to the great Google Gods to discover more, whereas with this book I feel like that's all I need right there."
-- Rowan Hick,

"This book is brilliant. It's encyclopedic. It is a must-have to better understand AS 3 and to hopefully lower your frustration when coding. "
-- Joseph Delaplaine,

"I've worked with ActionScript 3.0 for about a year now and this book filled a lot of holes in my knowledge--including some I didn't know I had. It's very comprehensive, clearly presented, well paced for someone like me - not a beginner, but not quite advanced either..."
-- Michael Epstein, Barnes & Noble

"If you want to stay relevant as a Flash developer, you'll need to have very sharp AS3 skills. Colin Moock's excellent book will fill in any gaps in your knowledge, covering everything in "classic" AS3 (meaning there’s nothing on Stage3D and the other newer features)."
-- Michael James Williams, Activetuts+

"This book is so good and so needed for Flash CS3 and Flex Builder - Adobe should consider including a half-price discount voucher on the book when people register their products."
--Jacques Surveyer, The Open Sourcery