Media praise for Programming WCF Services

"The book is well thought out and presented. Löwy places the focus on the how and why of programming WCF without the hype of the technology. He gives you information that is not readily available anywhere else, and has given well engineered examples that will provide you the correct methods of working with WCF...If you are serious about getting on the next wave of distributed SOA and Interoperability, then Programming WCF Services will take you to the next level. The book is filled with examples and will guide you along until you are creating professional WCF services."
-- T. Michael Testi,

"...brimming with example code and many of Juval's own "helper" classes, and much more. He provides guidance and techniques that go far beyond Microsoft's documentation for WCF and its classes...If you are at the intermediate - to - advanced level with the .NET Framework, I can confidently state after my first reading of Programming WCF Services that it is highly unlikely you will ever see a more complete treatment of this new framework than Löwy's book- either now or in the forseeable future. O'Reilly calls this the "Rosetta Stone" of WCF. They may very well be right."
-- Peter Bromberg,

"Without this book by Juval Lowy I doubt many programmers would have the proper guidance necessary to make good design decisions...If you believe that anytime in the near future you will need to understand WCF for your work I would highly recommend picking up a copy of this book. It is not for the faint of heart but the journey is well worth it."
-- Richard Callaby, Richard Callaby's Blog

"As always Juval has delivered excellence!!! This is a great book on WCF. The material in the book is unique in that it addresses the real world reasons for using WCF in the way Juval recommends. He gives information in this book that you are not going to find elsewhere."
-- Tad Anderson, Real World Software Architecture

"...Juval's book is top notch and it's clearly the work of a guy really committed to excellence in his profession. "
-- William Ryan, Bill's House O Insomnia

"Juval Lowy (once again!) has written an extraordinary book. Seemingly he has an absolute and complete knowledge on the subject. What strikes me even more, is how careful and lovingly Juval leads the reader through the forest of technical details to the deep and solid understanding of both underlying technology and practical implementation of WCF. If after hours of reading you suddenly feel lost, all you have to do is go back half a page and you are on track again. I just wish I had such a wonderful teacher every time I have to learn something new."
-- Boris Pesetskiy,

"My credit goes to O'Reilly with series of books I consider to be the best in the field: Programming WCF Services, Programming Windows Presentation Foundation, and now Programming WPF. "
-- Stanislav Dvoychenko, Plain Old Stan

" highly unlikely you will ever see a more complete treatment of this new framework than Löwy's book- either now or in the forseeable future."
--Peter Bromberg,