Media praise for Rails Cookbook

"Rails Cookbook is everything I hoped it would be...concise, relevant, up-to-date, useful for both beginner and expert. Even better, it's a real group effort with recipes from many of my favorite members of the Rails community. "
-- Geoffrey Grosenbach, Host of the Ruby on Rails Podcast

"By chapter three I knew that I'd recommend this book to people starting out in Rails. It covers the basics needed to really begin Rails development right. At the same time, by including sections on more advanced topics like testing and RESTful development, the cookbook gives a stepping off point from which to improve their own design techniques."
-- Kevin Clark,

"This is a great book to have by your side after you’ve been through one or two of the core books and are building your first real application. More experienced developers will know much of the material in this book, but they’ll also find it valuable when looking for a quick start using a feature they haven’t tackled yet."
-- Michael Slater, Technology for Humans

"Rob Orsini released the new Rails Cookbook from O’Reilly, just in time for Rails 1.2. Just from looking at the table of contents, it looks like there’s a lot of good information packed in this book. This book is packed with the solutions you need to be proficient developer with Rails, the leading framework for building the new generation of Web 2.0 applications. "
-- Rick Olson, Riding Rails

"Almost immediately [the book] started to pay for itself...The recipe’s are logically organized and there are A LOT of them: 15 Chapters (560+ pages) dealing with every aspect of Rails you can imagine...the sheer wealth of information in this resource can not be understated. And the content spans subjects at various difficulty levels from 'I built my whole app using scaffold!' to 'I’m getting a free ticket to Railsconf.'"
-- Mark Carey, Kognitive Jelly

"I am sure that even expert rails developers will find something very useful that they didn't know. Again this book will give you so many pointers on how to make your app running smooth and with more features that you'd normally think about. The best part is that is rails 1.2 compliant"
-- Diego Scataglini, RubyCon

"After attending CodeMash and sitting in on a few great sessions around both Ruby and Rails, I decided to start using Ruby as my primary scripting language and I made a commitment to play around some more with Rails. The best resource that I’ve had had in both of these situations are each respective cookbook from O’’s been wonderful just skimming the books and getting a grasp on the capabilities and common tasks for each one. I’ve found out a lot about how to effectively use Ruby and I’ve found many capabilities that I didn’t think that were possible (at least easily) with Rails. These books are both great resources, superbly written, and deserve a place on your bookshelf. "
-- Ben Carey, The Sherpa Project

"Rails Cookbook will guide you through the traps and pitfalls of Rails development by providing you with the building blocks of source code to make any Rails application complete. The book will be an essential addition to your programming library."
-- T. Michael Testi,

"...a guide packed with recipes for success from the basics of installing and using Rails to the latest applications. Learn how to work with an application's logic, how to test and debit a Rails application, and use Rails plug-ins with Rails Cookbook: Applications for Rapid Web Development with Ruby, which covers version 1.2 and will reach both programmers and serious programming libraries."
-- James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review

"The strong point of the Rails Cookbook is its breadth. It provides a lot of examples...Rails Cookbook does not go into as much depth of explanation as the recipes in Rails Recipes by Chad Fowler. But that is okay. There are more of them and most of the time I’m not reading the explanations as much as looking for code samples. In that way, Rails Cookbook is great."
-- Steve Odom, Niblets

"Rails Cookbook is everything I hoped it would be...concise, relevant, up-to-date, useful for both beginner and expert."
--Geoffrey Grosenbach, Host of the Ruby on Rails Podcast