Media praise for Practical Color Management: Eddie Tapp on Digital Photography

"This easy-to-read and well-designed book is aimed at people with some knowledge of computers and digital photo editing. The well-produced photographs, charts, and illustrations do not leave you guessing at what color you are supposed to be seeing. On each page, the black text is printed over light gray, so the glossy paper does not blind you while reading. This sets the book apart from most other books on color and it shows their regard of the reader. While the concepts are deep, the amount of material per page is easily digestible. "
-- Ilene Hoffman, MACNN

"Setting up a fully-calibrated working environment, from scanner to camera to screen to press, can be a daunting task since each piece of the puzzle needs to be right for it to work but the author does a very good job of explaining these techniques while keeping the tone light. More people should be reading these types of books since getting what you want from an image or design is so critically linked to unfortunately technical-looking things like IT8 and ink-limit charts. Titles like this will hopefully help make this knowledge more commonplace."
-- David Girard, Amazon Reviewer

"Eddie makes some of the most complex concepts understandable. His easy-going style, mixed with his years of real world experience, make him one of the top trainers in the industry today."
-- Scott Kelby, President, National Association of Photoshop Professionals

"General-interest library lending collections will find "Practical Color Management" a popular pick, offering not only a more visual approach than most, but including easy instructions even novices can readily understand. "
-- Diane Donovan, California Bookwatch

"Each volume in the Eddie Tapp on Digital Photography series covers just one important subject, thus keeping the book light in weight and tone..."
-- Carol Conti-Entin, Mouse Tales (North Coast Macintosh Users Group)

"Propagating the color from a scene in the same vivid and true color to a Web page or printed image is a daunting task. The true color in the image, displayed on a computer monitor, and passed to an output device (computer projector, printer, laptop display, etc.) must all render a version that accurately reflects the original. Implementing a color management system can be a major challenge. Enter Eddie Tapp, the consummate digital photographer with his user friendly color management workflow and easy to implement color management methods and techniques. In this attractive, full-color book he shows how color can be controlled from image capture to output."
-- Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing

"While the book's topic can be a very confusing one, Practical Color Management is only 150 pages and easy to read, written in a very understandable style. Tapp has an easygoing approach that makes you feel like the undertaking will be easy. At first look, it almost seems that the approach will be too basic, but it builds quickly and will be of benefit to newcomer and professional alike as they try to make sense of world of digital color management."
-- T. Michael Testi,

"[Eddie Tapp] walks you through the actual process of color managing your workflow, and does so in a plainspoken, easy-to-uderstand (and implement) manner."
-- Peter Bauer, Photoshop User

"Practical Color Management by Eddie Tapp is practically indespensible for any picture professional with questions on the topic of how to maintain consistent, predictable color among various devices and users--from initial film scans or digital camera capture through conversion and output. Tapp is an internationally renowned digital imaging educator, and this book proves why...Even imaging professionals comfortable with color management will likely benefit from Tapp's insights and strategies, especially because he provides up-to-date information about evolutions that have taken place in the last two years...So whether or not you just need a quick introduction to color management or you are looking to hone your skills, you'll appreciate what Tapp has to offer in Practical Color Management."
-- Ethan G. Salwen, The Picture Professional

"Eddie makes some of the most complex concepts understandable."
--Scott Kelby, President, National Association of Photoshop Professionals