Media praise for Learning ActionScript 3.0

"Rich Shupe and Zevan Rosser have written a masterpiece and all other programming books should take note of its style and flow. Despite having beginner in the title, this actually a very nice reference book for even expert coders. I learned a lot of little things that I didn’t know before picking it up. So why do I like it so much? Firstly, O’Reilly has finally realized the benefit to publishing full-color programming books. All of the code samples look identical to the way they will look inside of your ActionScript editor. This really is a big benefit that is often overlooked in other books. The book’s approach to OOP is also very nice and is the least scary delivery that I have seen...For those devigners out there that need to make the transition to AS3, this book should be your bible. You’ll not only learn the basics of the new language but there are also excellent chapters on audio, video, animation, math, XML, bitmap processing, and more."
-- Lee Brimelow, creator of The Flash Blog

"While targeted more at beginners, Learning ActionScript 3.0 serves as an excellent reference to some of the most common tasks ActionScript developers encounter daily. The transition from the very basics of Flash programming to more advanced topics is gentle, but engaging. The full color pages throughout this book separate it from everything else on the shelf, and O’Reilly couldn’t have chosen a better topic than Flash to enhance with this wonderful addition."
-- Josh Tynjala, Zeus Labs

"Any computer library strong in web development titles in general and ActionScript in particular will want the beginner's guide to Flash, Learning ActionScript 3.0. It's an excellent introduction which also lends well to classroom use and assignment... ActionScript learners will find it an essential - and surprisingly easy - reference."
-- James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review

"In all this is a very accessible read which explains concepts well and provides step by step examples and downloadable source files. With this book as a reference any Flash programmer can happily advance their skills to work with ActionScript 3 and if you have had no experience of ActionScript then this is also a good place to start."
-- Flash Oxford User Group, Flash Oxford Review

"Learning ActionScript 3.0 is a perfect place to start uncovering the power of Flash CS3, and you will be amazed at how much you will learn in 350 pages (plus Index). It is the discovery of a solid programming language that is ever-changing and cutting edge. This is, overall in my opinion, the very best book in which to discover it."
-- Mark Repp, COMP Communicator - Computer Operators of Marysville and Port Huron

"This book contains everything a flash designer or beginner flash developer will have to learn to easily create full ActionScript 3.0 projects. This will sound silly but for me the best part of this book was the full color print. I loved it, it was like reading a book about graphic design. "
-- Kuba Gaj, massiveProCreationBlog

"The best ActionScript book ever written."
--Lee Brimelow, creator of The Flash Blog