Media praise for Java Power Tools

"The book is enjoyable, extremely well organized and covers a wide range of open source tools needed for any successful software development life cycle. I would recommend Java Power Tools to anyone writing Java."
-- Meera Subbaro, JavaLobby

"Java Power Tools from O'Reilly [is] exactly what I've been looking for. It contains deep explanations of the principal FOSS dev tools in 10 major categories. These explanations are not two- or four-page summaries, but in-depth expositions that provide crucial info on the strengths and weaknesses of the product. The author, John Smart, then provides detailed tutorial on using the product. It's clear he's spent lots of time exploring the dark corners of each tool. And he makes good use of that knowledge in his comparisons and comments on the products...All told, 856 pages of crisp, well-written explanations. A must-have reference for the bookshelf."
-- Andrew Binstock, Thoughts on Software and Programming

"A book that should be in the bookself of every java software house."
-- Paris Apostolopoulos, Papo's log

"A 'must' for any collection serious about Java development."
-- Diane Donovan, The Bookwatch - The Computer Shelf