Media praise for SQL Hacks

"The authors did their homework, and SQL Hack's strengths are the depth, detail, and level of knowledge with which each database system is covered, and the book's willingness to get down and gritty. There's never an impression that juicy details were omitted because the authors didn't want to expend the effort to pick a colleague's brain or hunt down a factoid that never got documented elsewhere...The polish is top notch. Writing a book is a huge undertaking, and the economics of book publishing gives publishers little margin for advances. A book that reads like its third release but is actually in its first can only be the product of an exceptional level of dedication by the authors. "
-- Scrottie, Use Perl;

"Many of the recipes in SQL Hacks will improve the SQL you write day to day, and many will give you the confidence to attempt much more involved tasks with SQL. Other recipes will rarely if ever be needed, but make for a entertaining and education reading in a similar way that "worse case survival scenario" books do — SQL is pitted against the most difficult analysis tasks just as survival scenario books pit humans against pavement and lions. SQL Hacks fits well in the Hacks series, which raises the bar on advanced books by offering large, eclectic sets of tricks for problems that an unambitious person (a non-hacker) wouldn't ever push technology hard enough to run into. Put another way, the questions answered in a good Hacks book are ones that would get a "good question" comment rather than a an "RTFM!" response. It does a good job continuing where O'Reilly's SQL Cookbook left off, which is always difficult with two books written at slightly different times by different authors. Still, it's harder to review a Hacks book than a Learning book as, with hacks, the sky is the limit, and the reader will always find herself wishing for more. To this end, I hope O'Reilly continues to publish newer editions of their various Hacks books, drawing in more and more content in each edition, and identifying recipes that might better serve in the Cookbook counterpart."
-- Scott Walters,

"SH (SQL Hacks) is simultaneously a programming romp and deadly serious to the people who think about a million customers or sales or measurements at a time. Cumming and Russell meet the challenge of balancing these two aspects — the exuberant and pragmatic — could even use SH as a tutorial, especially if, like most database programmers, you do more reading than writing. SH is not a reference, but it's methodical enough that an alert and experienced programmer with no prior knowledge of SQL could probably learn all of the language he needs for most purposes. They even tackle the preliminaries of auditing, deployment, and administration, topics some programming introductions leave out. "
-- Cameron Laird,

"Even though there are literally hundreds of books 'out there' on SQL, SQL Hacks will be a welcome new addition to your bookshelf...I am going to officially add Cummings & Russell's SQL Hacks to my list of Recommended SQL Books. "
-- Craig Mullins,

"I have not had this much fun with SQL queries till I started reading and experimenting with SQL Hacks. SQL is often taken much for granted and this books helps explore different ways of approaching SQL queries. The different DBMS vendors have their unique flavor of SQL which SQL Hacks admiringly encompasses. This book is a great reference/tutorial for readers with differing backgrounds except for the most experienced DBAs. "
-- Hari Mailvaganam,

"A useful resource for anyone with at least a basic knowledge of SQL looking for solutions to common and not so common SQL problems...All of the "hacks" presented in this book are useful ideas on how to take your database programming to the next level. If you really want to make your programs as efficient as possible by getting the database engine/optimizer to do what it does best then you need to know the techniques covered in this book."
-- Stephen Chapman,

" interesting and rewarding mixture of tips and tricks for novice to expert users...among the more valuable books on SQL I have read."
-- Xaprb, Xaprb: Stay Curious!

"To me, SQL Hacks is the classic reference book that you need to keep on the shelf, close at hand for those little jobs that come up and just need to get done. It also serves the purpose of giving you new ideas for solutions that perhaps, you may have thought could not be done."
-- Thomas Testi,

"SQL Hacks fits well in the Hacks series, which raises the bar on advanced books by offering large, eclectic sets of tricks for problems that an unambitious person (a non-hacker) wouldn't ever push technology hard enough to run into."
--Scott Walters,