Media praise for High Performance Web Sites

"Steve Souders has done a fantastic job of distilling a massive, semi-arcane art down to a set of concise, actionable, pragmatic engineering steps that will change the world of web performance."
-- Eric Lawrence, Developer of the Fiddler Web Debugger, Microsoft Corporation

"The book is a quick read compared to most technical books, and not just due to its relatively small size (168 pages), but also the writing style. Admittedly, this may be partly the result of O'Reilly's in-house and perhaps outsource editors — oftentimes the unsung heroes of publishing enterprises. This book is also valuable in that it offers the candid perspective of a Web performance expert, who never loses sight of the importance of the end-user experience...The author's core ideas are clearly explained; the performance improvements are demonstrated; the book's production is excellent. High Performance Web Sites is highly recommended to all Web developers seriously interested in improving their site visitors' experiences."
-- Michael J. Ross, Web Developer,

"If everyone would implement just 20% of Steve's guidelines, the Web would be a dramatically better place. Between this book and Steve's YSlow extension, there's really no excuse for having a sluggish web site anymore."
-- Joe Hewitt, Developer of Firebug debugger and Mozilla's DOM Inspector

"As the stress and performance test lead for, I have been talking to all of the developers and operations folks to get them on board with the rules Steve outlined in this book, and they all ask how they can get a hold of this book. I think this should be a mandatory read for all new UE developers and performance engineers here."
-- Nate Moch,

"High Performance Web Sites is an essential guide for every web developer. Steve offers straightforward, useful advice for making virtually any site noticeably faster."
-- Tony Chor, Group Program Manager, Internet Explorer team, Microsoft Corporation

"High Performance Web Sites is one of those books that will get read by more people than buy it because it is both a fast read and organized into clearly differentiated subjects. This makes it easy to pick up for a moment or pass along to team members with different specialties. Each of these "14 Steps to Faster-Loading Web Sites" is itself divided into related tips with practical pointers. The fact that the book is full of these pointers is not the only value I extracted. We also get something a bit more subtle. The fact that the author is a performance expert at one of the mega-companies that define the Web for most of us lends authority to the book. It is easy to have confidence that his practical experience will have immediate lessons for teams with the same problems, if on a smaller scale."
-- Brett Merkey,

"After a full read, this book is now on my shelf within easy reach so that I can refer to the invaluable tips and code samples. I highly recommend that any serious web developer add this book to their bookshelf!"
-- fiveforefun,

"This book is an excellent guide for web developers looking to write optimized HTML...well organized and easy to use. "
-- J. Druin,

"High Performance Web Sites is an empirical guide to making web pages render faster in the contemporary (October 2007) internet software environment. There is an abundance of case descriptions and explanations of how the protocols and actual software work. The writing reflects Mr. Souder's mastery of the software environments."
-- Lee McKusick, Peninsula Linux Users' Group

"I have never seen all of the material written down in one place...The book covers many niches of knowledge, 14 in total. There is a lot of good information in the book...If you do web front end work all day buy the book. There are going to be several "Ah ha!" moments while reading it. Having a copy of the book will come in handy when you have to explain all of your new found tricks to your co-workers (the book though is quite slim, so beating them over the head with it will be futile)."
-- Brian Aker, Brian "Krow" Aker's Idle Thoughts

"At only 168 pages, the time investment here is pretty light. But the return on investment for that time spent will stay with you forever as you crank out those applications. I definitely recommend this book to all my Web developer friends."
-- Thomas "Duffbert" Duff, Developer Tips

"I recommend this book for everybody who writes web pages even for personal use. You will be surprised how big amount of knowledge you can get from 168 pages."
-- Grzegorz Duda, Polish Java User Group

"I found High Performance Web Sites to be very enlightening. Because the author is a performance expert at a large scale company that has to be efficient, makes it all the more beneficial. Each of the 14 techniques is explained in easy to understand terms and they are really basic techniques that any website can benefit from. High Performance Web Sites is an excellent guide for web developers who are looking to write optimized HTML. It is a useful book for every web developer whether you are running a small or large-scale site. I highly recommend this book for anyone involved in web development."
-- T. Michael Testi, Blogcritics Magazine

"I was reading the book, High Performance Web Sites, authored by Steve Souders and realized a lot about the problems happening in my website right now. The book by itself is quite technical. If you haven’t been touching your code for awhile or do hard coding, it can be overwhelming. However, through it, I discovered two great tools that I am now using to assess and improve my website...[The book's] online compliment includes a blog and even a discussion board for each of the 14 rules (http://developer. that take the learning process to a very productive level. It has a lot of examples where you can gain ideas on how to shape up your website further. Even non-technical people can benefit from the lessons it shares. In the end, what you want to see are better grades appearing in YSlow after implementing the suggested changes it gave earlier."
-- Janette Toral, Digital Filipino

"All in all, the book is very useful and essential to improve the performance of your web site from the frond-end perspective. The rules in this book, if applied will give you a significant performance boost."
-- AJ,

"If your job is to deliver great websites, this book might just change the way you approach that next build. Even if it all sounds far too technical for right-brained creative types, you should definitely buy this book—even if it’s for the network manager in your life."
-- Matthew Pennell, Digital Web Magazine

"High Performance Web Sites would make a good investment for folks who want to get serious about weeding out the chaff to make their pages lean and mean, without removing the pizazz from their artistic creation."
-- Iris Yoffa, eJournal of the Tucson Computer Society

"I was surprised at how many different little things that can be done beyond optimizing graphics. Most of these things only take a few little nips and tucks and none were beyond my novice level of ability. "
-- Dr. Tami Brady, TCM Reviews

"The author's core ideas are clearly explained; the performance improvements are demonstrated; the book's production is excellent. High Performance Web Sites is highly recommended to all Web developers seriously interested in improving their site visitors' experiences."
--Michael J. Ross, Web Developer,