Media praise for Adobe Photoshop CS3 One-on-One

"If there's a better way to learn the power of Photoshop CS3 I surely don't know what it is. Short of the Vulcan Mind Meld this has to be one of the easiest and quickest ways to learn what at first seems to be an intimidating subject. The way this author breaks the steps down and then leads us into the future is brilliant. Go ahead. Check out the myriad of Photoshop books out there. I know that when you compare this set with any of the others, and there are some good ones to be sure, you will put this one at the top of your list. And rightfully so."
-- Artie Alinikoff,

"Deke will entertain you as much as teach you. If you are looking to learn Photoshop CS3 from the master, get this book!"
-- Tim Grey, Photoshop CS2 Workflow

"As a Photoshop author, I hate picking up a book and learning things I didn’t already know. But Deke’s done it to me again! If you want to learn Photoshop CS3 from the ground up, look no further."
-- Scott Kelby, President, National Association of Photoshop Professionals

"Adobe Photoshop CS3 One-on-One is like having Deke next to you while you learn how to organize, correct, retouch, and sharpen your photos. To me it’s crystal clear! Deke loves exploring software to find the best techniques for improving images. And his easy-to-understand, cut-to-the-chase explanations are invaluable."
-- Katrin Eismann, Chair, Digital Photography, School of Visual Arts

"Any book from Deke is always an asset to a professional's library. To a hobbyist, its a must!"
-- Bert Monroy, artist, Photoshop author, 2004 inductee of The Photoshop Hall of Fame

"Adobe Photoshop CS3 One-on-One is a must-have book. Its author, Deke McClelland, is a treasure, and a rare master who beautifully shares his wisdom and experience with us all."
-- Mikkel Aaland, photographer, author of Photoshop RAW

"It's like having Deke right there with you, with all his friendly insights, sharp skills, and vast experience. Only you don't have to feed him."
-- Michael Ninness, Director of Product Management,

"It’s obvious why Deke is one of the most popular teachers of Photoshop. Throughout the book, he blends humor and authority in a way that makes simple work of Photoshop’s most complex features. You feel like he’s right there with you. It really is one-on-one!"
-- Julieanne Kost, Photoshop Evangelist, Adobe Systems

"What an awesome way to get deep inside Photoshop CS3: with lessons and techniques that are easy to follow and bring a new insight! Thanks Deke, for the pearls of wisdom and wonderfully illustrated lessons and references. This book helps us develop techniques to bring image quality to a new level. A great source of learning, one on one!"
-- Eddie Tapp, M.Photog.,Cr.,MEI,API,CPP, imaging and workflow consultant, educator, photographer, author

"Once again Deke pushes Photoshop training to the next level. His new book is a giant leap forward in the evolution of teaching Photoshop in easy-to-learn and understandable steps. Adobe Photoshop CS3 One-on-One is the next generation of how to learn Photoshop!"
-- Kevin Ames, photographer, author of Adobe Photoshop CS: The Art of Photographing Women

"Adobe Photoshop CS3 One-on-One provides more bang-for-the-buck than any Photoshop book I’ve seen. With the very readable full-color pages and the incredible video training, Deke gives you a multi-media package, rather than just a Photoshop book. Informative and entertaining, instructional and engaging, One-on-One is appropriate both for self-study and classroom use. It’s the fundamentals of Photoshop taught by one of the most accomplished Photoshop instructors of all time!"
-- Pete Bauer, Help Desk Director, National Association of Photoshop Professionals

"With his One-on-One series, Deke McClelland has created what might just be the best all-around way to learn Photoshop. The combination of video material, which is created specifically for the book, along with the project-based lessons in each chapter, is unbeatably effective. Highly recommended!"
-- Colin Smith, Proprietor,

"Loading and playing the almost three hours of Deke McClelland’s training videos is as plain and concise an introduction to each of Photoshop’s tools and techniques as you can get. Then the book takes over after each introductory lesson of video and explains, elaborates, and clarifies each tool and concept. It is a one-on-one, work-at-your-own-pace, set of logically organized and step-by-step procedures…Deke McClelland brought me up to speed on the latest version, CS3, and dropped a lot of personal comments, anecdotes, and insights into the process. I think that both the beginning Photoshop user and the experienced Photoshop devotee will have things to learn from this package."
-- Dr. Michael Roach, Bite Into the Apple

"The author acknowledges that Photoshop is a complicated program, difficult to learn, and can be intimidating, nevertheless, he does a fine job motivating the reader to continue through the instruction (even though a particular process may have up to 23 steps to complete!) I think this book is a standout among the many Photoshop guides available. Certainly, it's production values equal or exceed those of any competitor."
-- John Suda,

"I am always curious to pick up any Adobe reference books that come in so I picked this one up and was overwhelmingly suprised at the quality and format of this book. Reknowned Authour Deke McClelland has outdone himself with this beauty! It would be hard to find a Photoshop user that at one time hasn't said 'Man, I wish I could find a good course on Photoshop!'. Forget a course, this gem of a book is a one-on-one training/reference manual that goes into teaching you everything you need to know to become familiar with the basics and well into the most common advanced features...Seems to me a rating of 10 out of 10 is not enough for this book. Its simply the best I have seen to date. Highly recommended!"
-- Brad Lawryk, Cariboo Computer Magazine

"This is without a doubt one of the best books I’ve seen in a long time. It’s big, it’s beautiful, it’s structured well, and best of all, it comes with an instructional DVD that demonstrates some of the lessons...It’s really about time somebody actually put some thought into their audience for a change and actually wrote a book that doesn’t assume you know everything."
-- Sean McCown, ITBookworm

"This book is a great way to learn Photoshop CS3...If you are serious about your image work, yet want to avoid the tedium of endless study, get this book, written by Photoshop expert Deke McClelland."
-- Edward Laskowski,

"If you want to learn PS CS3 in all its variations, this is an excellent book, providing one recognizes that it will require a commitment of time and effort. If that is your goal, this book will do a fine job."
-- Conrad J. Obregon,

"Like the title says, it is like having the author help us one on one...As I flip through the pages of this book, I am inspired to get busy and try out some of the lessons in different chapters."
-- Linda Cameron, The Finder, Mac User Group

"As you utilize this guide in your learn of Photoshop, you will feel like you have a personal tutorial and reference guide wrapped into one. Whether you are learning to improve images or create from scratch, you have it covered. If you are looking to master the essence of Photoshop as working professional, make this book part of your required reading."
-- Jeremy Hall,

"This book is excellent! Not only is the book flat out gorgeous to look at and thumb through, with full color on virtually every page, I found the addition of the DVD tutorials extremely helpful and well done. There are almost 3 hours of video, and for a visual learner such as myself I found it invaluable to watch the video first and then follow along with the book at my own pace. As you likely already know, Photoshop is an extremely complex software and it is not a very intuitive one at that, at least until you get to know your way around. Adobe CS3 one-on-one will help you tremendously if you are new to the program. I found that I learned a ton of new stuff and had a great refresher for things I had already learned in the past. When I'm asked by friends or family what book to use to learn Photoshop, this is the one! You will not be disappointed."
-- O. Dearing,

"I think I may have got more out of this book because of my newness to the Photoshop world, but I have to say that I loved it. Technically it was easy to follow and easy to use. There was a good logic to the flow of the lessons which sort of blend into a natural workflow, and it gave enough insight and ideas as to how to improve not only the post production but the actual taking of the photograph as well, that all in all it was a very impressive and useful book...All in all one-on-one is an excellent tutorial and reference book. I like it a lot!"
-- Chris Marshall

"This is the first book I've used that makes extensive use of video and I like the format, as readers already familiar with Photoshop could pick up a lot of the new functionality just watching the videos. New users, If they take the author's advice, could be a proficient Photoshop user at the end of this book. Recommended."
-- Zoltan Hunt,

"One-on-one by Deke McClelland is a fantastic way to not only familiarize yourself with the changes from earlier Photoshop editions if you're a returning customer but to learn all about the important parts of Photoshop CS3 for new users as well...a great step by step guide that will get you working like a pro in Photoshop CS3 in no time...I highly recommend the Adobe Photoshop CS3 One-on-One by Deke McClelland for a great companion to Photoshop CS3."
-- Jeff Gedgaud,

"Deke hits another home run! This book doesn’t just walk you through new stuff, it puts the entire program into perspective. You learn workflow as much as technique. It’s well organized, beautifully illustrated, and intelligent. If you can only get one PS CS3 book, this should be the one."
-- Donna Kamper, eJournal of the Tucson Computer Society

"As for the book, I have never seen a better instruction book, and I was a technical editor for twentyfive years. First, it is beautiful, printed on the high-quality paper and with the brightly-colored illustrations typical of O’Reilly books. Almost every page devotes 3 of its 5 columns to text and 2 of the 5 to illustrations. Step-by-step instructions lead the user through each process. Each process starts with what you want to do, then how you do it and (so important) why you do it. Hints and shortcuts abound. Extra instruction is included lavishly in “Pearls of Wisdom.” Each chapter ends with a test to ensure the user understands all the material covered. All writing in the book is lively and easy to understand...I would not attempt to use Photoshop without the help of this book."
-- Pat Krieger, P*PCompAS

"Good job, Deke McClelland! "
-- Linda Lange,, Austin Adobe User Group

"If there's a better way to learn the power of Photoshop CS3 I surely don't know what it is...The way this author breaks the steps down and then leads us into the future is brilliant."
--Artie Alinikoff,